Rats eat 500,000 grams of weed

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last year

Have you seen this news that rats eat 500,000 grams of weed? this is so funny. The average mice consumes 3-5 grams of food per day. Even if mice need to eat cannabis won't be their first choice of food. Weed is mildly bitter and very fibrous so it won't even be what they will love to eat at all.

it will take 100 mice 13 years to consume 500k grams of weed. I don't know why am laughing so hard about this but it is so funny. This is the second time am seeing this, first it was some Indian police now Argentina i hope the police in Nigeria don't claim this very soon.

report presently is that the cops have been fired by the security minister Cristian Ritondo if they are found guilty that is more likely 15 years of prison under Argentina’s cannabis trafficking laws .

Another basic issue here is that Buenos experts claimed:
“Buenos Aires University experts have explained that mice wouldn’t mistake the drug for food, and that if a large group of mice had eaten it, a lot of dead rats would have been found in the warehouse,”

How true is that? Does cannabis kill rat?

Happy Sunday Smokers we hope our rats stay far from our weed throughout this week.

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there is a comic story with mice eats pepper and cries, maybe they could eat weed as well

I saw that news. It has been appearing for a few months now. I find it funny how in a police station there are so many mice to eat all that cannabis. But I guess a lot of those nice wear uniforms now days.