How we using Cannabis and cryptocurrency $PAC to save displaced IDP person due to Terrorist Attacks

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5 months ago

Some days back coming from my place of work i was robbed and beaten and my bag was stolen from me including phone and laptop i lost access to my password that i saved on my phone and laptop including the hardcover where i wrote it. I was still signed in with the PC at home but i could not get out my password. I searched all saved password on my chrome at home but unfortunately i didn't save my smoke password so i lost access to my account completely. my chrome still showing my session running for the account but i cannot find anything there.

@princeola @stoner @jonyoudyer and @unnamed all tried helping out but unfortunately i lost the account. So painful but i just have to move on.

After four days i have decided to move on with another account. if you have followed me on the previous account kindly follow me on this again.

My last event before the incident

Nigeria is facing a series of interconnected economic and humanitarian crisis which, if not resolved, will disrupt basic life-support systems, contribute to the worsening of already fragmented security structures and perpetuate underdevelopment and indebtedness.

Abuja, Nigeria – Yahaya a pastor from the ‘Redeemed Christian Church of God’ and a Computer Science Graduate of the University of Maiduguri struggles daily to keep his facilities afloat that offer education for children in the region. Yahaya, nicknamed ‘HOD’ earns a small income by offering computer installation/repair courses in Abuja and Lagos, however his education work with children on essential computer skills is done, absolutely free.

He escaped the deadly ‘Boko Haram rebellion‘ in his home state of Maiduguri more than three years ago. Resulting in the loss of his house and parents. He also lost the use of one of his legs as a result of the conflict in the region.

After University I joined my Father as a farmer as there was a lack of Jobs for me locally. I had experience as a farmer in Baga before Boko Haram (a militant Islamic group working out of Nigeria) took over our farmland and killed my family. They attacked my village and seized all our harvest. What they could not carry they burned.” The graduate of computer science, farmer and a pastor told the smoke and PAC team in Africa.

Providing support in the region

Next to a dusty playground on the edge of a refugee camp, a mother sits on a small piece of stone as the sun beats down on her face, palms on her cheeks. Beside her, in contrast, is a rich Major Generals house who has shown no interest in giving financial aid to the local economy…

The last people who visited this particular camp, posing as an NGO (Nigerian Government Official) came in with gifts tied in a bag which had explosives inside. Fortunately for them, inspections are always carried out on all donations and foreign items before taking them into the storage facilities nearby. The explosives were identified before they could be detonated, EOD anti-explosive teams were called immediately.

The over eight-year campaign of violence by Boko Haram, which roughly translates to “Western education is forbidden”, more than 20,000 people have been killed and a further 2.6 million have been injured or made homeless.

Despite the government’s military offensive against the armed group, which wants to establish a strict interpretation of Islamic law, Boko Haram has continued to carry out deadly attacks in northern Nigeria.

The Nigerian Government are doing nothing about the condition at which this people live. The money that was meant to rehabilitate them was stolen by one of the government officials which amounts to over N28 billion. There are 3,000 people in this camp alone.

During our time with them we only asked for a handful of them to take pictures with us as we didn’t come with the required security operatives and we need to be careful with a large crowd. People have been here for more than five years. There is no food, no water, no healthcare and adequate schooling for the children. Life here is very tough, it is miserable.

The visit
We agree to visit one of the Camps in Abuja, with the funding and supplies necessary to provide food and clothing for the people and children. I and my friends @bmok and @dee010 sold off some of our smoke and i sold off some of my $PAC master node rewards.

We were able to supply more than 100 pairs of clothes for the children, a large amount of food, water and toys for them. The children have no schooling, their ‘classroom’ are derelict buildings considered to be worse than prisons with no chairs, tables or any writing materials.

People live in houses made from political parties fliers and cement bags, some are without roofs which means when it rains they will have to suffer both water and cold with a high risk of becoming ill.

We had a nice time with the kids at the IDP camp. This children have no parent again as most of their father or mother have been killed by Boko Haram.

Many of the staffs there called us smokers because of the shirt we wore. And they all wanted some shirt so we gave them out.

We also gave a shout out to @psyceratopsb and his lovely wife for their 1000 Days anniversary.

Smoke on!

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Sorry to hear that you got attacked, make sure to have backups in the future (you could do an encrypted backup on a google drive). Cool tops, guys & great effort. To get you back on your feet here's a rare 100% upvote 👌


Oh thank you so much. I really do appreciate. This time have saved it everywhere. Not losing my account again.

Nice one friends for going around africa letting people know about this great platform good work keep it up thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your support

Wow this is some crazy stuff. Your kindness will be paid back tenfold!!!!! Keep doing what you are doing and eventually you will see better days!!!


Yes! Thank you buddy

What you're doing is very admirable and courageous. With the odds stacked against you, you've chosen to face fear in the face and overcome. Thank you.


Thank you

This is so nice brother, I am so happy someone like you help those people, I pray more good people with great heart also remember and check on them as well.

And sorry about your lost, am glad you're back now. More blessings.


Blessing bro. We are hoping to see more people reach out to them tol.

Sorry about the account man! Nice way to preach the Blockchain. Well done!

It is a pity and very painful to lose your digital keys and at same time your gadgets. We are not save as far as we exist but we should take some precautions bc this part of the world is very unsure. So sorry for your loss during the attack!! keep up the good work you are doing for smoke and keep helping the gospel to spread. Don't forget to backup your passwords this time ..maybe drive,secured mail or anything.

Smoke on man, the best is ahead, the future is bright and colorful.


Thank you for your encouraging words they mean a lot to me.

That is a bad thing to happen, to loose the password. BTW its a very nice work you guys are doing, being the helping hand. I know how hard it is to help the IDPs as i have seen these kind of people from very close in my own country.


Yes it is. I was totally exhausted after the visitation.

Great work and contributing back to community is always good 😃

Sorry to hear about losing password. Just take it as a learning and make sure to save every password in future.

Also I was wondering if chrome has the password saved? 🤔 if you had let chrome remember the password you could retrieve it. If not, even if you have the session running, you will have to reenter password to make any activity like changing password, sending funds out etc. in that case you just have to forget about old account unfortunately🙁


Done that already. Have saved it in everywhere lol. Thank you

What I do...i save it on all accessible media, change first or last leter..not just autosave.
So sad to hear about robbery...

These actions you do make me so happy but still so sad. They are more valuable to than most of the post I and most people here ever made. So glad community recognised this!

Shit like this makes me so pissed off I cannot tell you. Like that piece of shit with his house. While few meters from him people dont have enough for normal lives.

Thanks again for the postcard!


You welcome. I hope you like it? That man has over 8 big houses close to the IDP camp. Some people have lost the value of life due to greed and hatred.

Smoke on man

sorry about what happen please don't give up keep on pushing the ministry. thanks for sharing

Glad to have you back. I sent you a little gift. It aint much, but its a start.


Oh thank you so much man. I saw it. Thank you for your constant support.

hey man you all be strong, too much to loss in a day, what you guys are doing are great man also, helping out the less privilege.
resmoked this for more reaches.


Thank you so much buddy

Sorry about your lost password and stolen items. Believe me, more is to come. Keep up the good work man am really happy for you. Reading this post really made my day, welcome back to the community much love from me💝


Thank you for your support. Much love

This should be a good restart as the whole Smoke community is behind you supporting you and making sure that you can recover quickly from your loss.


Thanks buddy

I am so sorry to hear what happened to you being robbed off your devices... Good, you were not hurt! The poverty in Nigeria is very alarming although it is a rich country because oil is there. I know what I am saying, we were expats in Lagos in the mid 80`s and I know how it was to live there. The government officials are simply corrupt. The locals I have encountered lived in poverty and some of them tried to plant anything in their backyard so they could sell them in the fresh market.

You are making a great achievement by helping those children. How great of you to care for those kids who will be growing without their parents. I hope that despite the poverty, they could somehow feel happy that there are people who cared about them, educate them. Simply move on, you are doing something amazing!


You are very right. Corruption is a big problem in the country. But we will make haedways. We are no longer waiting for the government. We will build our own future. Might not be soon but I so much believe things will be great again.

Sorry for the loss buddy. Life is hard generally hard in Nigeria but it will be ok.

Glad to see that even in the midst of your still care about the fatherless. Your reward is awesome man.


Thanks buddy. I didn't expect such support. It great.

@officialfuzzy pls whitelist so this can get 10 SMOKEBIT also (currently 5% sent from my bts acc 'cryptoninja')
This is amazing post, beautiful writing although sad, holds much hope and a lot more potential. A very welcome and worthy part of our community.


Thank you so much. There is hope

I don't understand the smokebit.


Start with


OK. Will do that now.