DPOS conference in Nigeria and Another Charity Work in Africa

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Hello Smokers it been a while i last had a post have been very busy with a lot of events in Nigeria both for my company dashcart.app and my cannabis events.

We had a blockchain event conference which was held on march 30, 2019 at the chartered institute of Bankers of Nigeria’s learning centre (CIBN) yaba, Lagos state, Nigeria.

The event was attended by a mix of people who were traders, business owners, students and other profession’s, the main aim of the event was to educate people about blockchain and expand the awareness of DPOS coins like smoke across Nigeria.


The objectives of the conference were:
• Create an extra awareness of the DPOS, showcase features and how DPOS coins can be obtained, stored and sent from person to person.

• Market DPOS coin as an alternate means of value and exchange and
benefits of investing in smoke as a curator or writer.


The conference brought together a mix of people who were traders, business owners, students and other professions across the state. Our primary goal for DPOS coins remains to expand its awareness across Nigeria and hopefully other parts.

We had a total of over 80 people in attendance and we helped most of them to sign up on smoke and also some bought smoke and pac coins via OTC.

We also gave out alot of smoke branded tops:

Charity Event


Maraban-kajuru, one of the biggest communities in Nigeria suffered greatly at the hands of gunmen who attacked the community resulting in a grievous loss of over 100 lives and over 50 million “Naira” (Nigerian currency) of property damage. As a result of the crisis, over 7,000 indigenes of kajuru are now homeless and are destitute, seeking for various means to make ends meet.

Right now the impacted families are domiciled in a government owned primary school were they try to take care of mainly their young ones as much as they can. The secretary of the IDP camp states the following: “Within this camp you will find children who have lost their parents, women that have lost their husbands, husbands that have lost their wives and so on but we try to help them as much as we can with the help we can get from organizations such as yours. We are glad Pac found our condition as one which requires assistance”.

After the attack many citizens were suffering from injuries and illness. “Bege”, a community clinic has taken responsibility of taking care of them in respect to their medical needs (aside from victims in a life threatening condition who are sent hospital in the city metropolis).

Oluwastoner, an active PAC community member and also a writer on smoke platform who has done similar initiatives in the past has dedicated time and resources to help alleviate the situation by assisting the Bege-clinic by providing them with first aid materials as well as some toiletries for the patients.

Juwon: “We dedicated a couple of minutes to talking to each of the patients in the clinic and encouraging them. The camp we visited was made up of mostly women and children. And as we could only work within our budget, we concentrated on providing the children with food. We bought 25 cartoons of noodles, branded it with the Pac Africa charity outreach stickers and presented it to the chairman of the camp and his subordinates who were more than happy to accept them. They narrated many stories of the crisis; they also went ahead to tell us about the shock and trauma most of the children in the camp were suffering from and how they have been helping out and some of their plans to ensure things run smoothly within the camp.

After our talk with the chairman, we went on to speak with some of the children at the camp to know the level to which they are being taken care of. Sarah; who happens to be one of the children we spoke to, told us she was 12 years of age; also told us how she had lost her parents, her elder brother and their house which was set ablaze. She said with tears in her eyes that the crisis had forcefully given her the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother who is 6 years old. After she had narrated her story to us, she thanked us for coming to their aid and wished us a safe trip back to our respective destination.

If you would like to support me and my team we will appreciate donation also:
BTC: bc1qv37fraxv2vsw7qcxx5c0r9ppm6yylgsu6t9p76


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Re-Smoked to increase awareness. That's great you had decided to include Smoke.io and promote it with t-shirts. They look awesome!
Do you have a BitShares account also?


Yeah I have a bit share: oluwastoner1 that the share account thanks for the compliments.

Glad to see you back man.
That is a valid reason not to be online so much, definitely! Keep it up!


Thank you mate. Long time

Good to see you guys going strong over there. Keep up the good work 💪


Yeah! thanks.

Happy to see you back again dear, i must commend your awesome works. Keep it up and take care 👍


Happy to see you too.

Great to see the work you guys are doing with the Bege clinic and community, well done!!


Thank you