Canna-gratulations To First Ten Stoners In Africa

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Canna-gratulations to Nigeria for being the 3rd highest users of cannabis in the world and first in Africa. Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth, a population of more than 200 million people. The Marijuana user rate in the Nigeria sits at 14.3 percent, and i do not think it will diminish soon according to Global Cannabis Report.

Cannabis in Nigeria is illegal for both recreational and medical reason. But the prohibition law seems to have zero or no effects on the consumption rate in Nigeria. I reside at Lagos Nigeria and most time when i need to do a little road-work in the morning i see people smoking cannabis publicly in open markets place like "Computer Village." Nigeria is the home for globally renowned novelist Chinua Achebe and globally known Nobelpriset Wole Soyinka.

In places like Lagos cannabis usage have lesser punishment. In fact there is a place in Lagos Nigeria where you can smoke weed freely without police arresting you. The government gave license for public consumption of weed for recreational reasons as long as you are within that environment.
STATUS:illegal for both recreational and medical use

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Ethiopia according to United nation for drugs and crime this is the second largest users of cannabis with a total of 7.3 million users . Cannabis consumption is highly prohibited in Ethiopia also but it is still widely use.

STATUS: illegal for both Medical and recreation.

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Zambia: Zambia was rated to be the world most heavily stoned countries back then in 2014. But presently it has dwindle from 17.7 percent to 9.5 percent. I really do not know why they fell off that rank but i think it has a lot to do with government regulation and prosecution.

STATUS: illegal for both Medical and recreation. .

Republic of the Congo: presently have about 5 million users of cannabis. Cannabis was introduced to the republic of Congo by Swahili traders. The Beni Diamba movement which is a cannabis group using the flowers for spiritual rituals made it popular in the southwest of Congo. Congo is the highest producers of cannabis in Africa. it been smuggled to France and Belgium. Most of their cannabis have 1.1 percent of THCV in it. in fact Loja one of the founder of the famous Green House Seed Company died hunting for Congo strains of cannabis. He died of Malaria. So you know how good Congo weeds are. Their strains of weed help to treat Obesity, diabetes and several other sickness.

STATUS: illegal for both Medical and recreation.

Tanzania has a big number of cannabis users in East Africa. Cannabis is known as Bhang in Tanzania. it is been used in rural areas even though it is illegal. Many use it for treatment of ear aches, fever and malaria. some use it to prepare food just like in Nigeria. Many use it for relaxation and concentration in Urban areas according to Wikipedia.

STATUS: illegal for both Medical and recreation.

Kenya,are the second highest users of cannabis in east Africa. since 1,January 1914; cannabis have been banned by the British colonial East Africa Protectorate ever since then "Bhangi" as it is popularly called isn't legal for use. but a report by Linda Awuor & Wanjiru Njihia on the decriminalization of cannabis was passed to the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development in Kenya but the petition was dismissed on the ground of not enough evidence since September 8, 2018 no other petition have been raised to decriminalize cannabis in Kenya till date.
March 24 2019 a report by GERALD ANDAE said A New York based company once claimed to have obtained license to plant cannabis in Kenya but the government denied that they issued any license to the said company. ever since then there have been total blackout on the use of cannabis and decriminalization in Kenya.

STATUS: illegal for both Medical and recreation.

Sudan is the number seven users of cannabis in Africa with 2.7 million users. Cannabis was banned in 1924 during the Anglo-Egyptian era. Most of the cultivation of cannabis in Sudan is in South Darfur’s El Radoom locality. Cannabis trade in Sudan exceeds $7 billion dollars. As at 2016 Sudan was the highest producers of cannabis in Africa. Possession of cannabis can be penalized with a prison sentence of 7 years well, as most Africa country you can bribe your way out. A ounce of cannabis is more expensive in Sudan than in Nigeria or other Africa countries till date.

STATUS: illegal for both Medical and recreation.

Uganda comes with a total of about 2.6 million users. Cannabis is called churus and chandoo natron it was banned by the British as at 1902. most people smoke cannabis in Uganda using water vape.

STATUS: illegal for both Medical and recreation.

Madagascar is ninth with 2.1 million users. The Madagascar people called cannabis rangani. It was foreign visitors who brought cannabis into the country but under and under King Andrianampoinimerina consuming cannabis was made illegal and a capital offence. The king said "when you smoke hemp, you become half-witted... You smoke the long leaves and take leave of your senses; it is because of this I do not want it." Since cannabis is illegal in Madagascar the people there substitute cannabis with Huperzia obtusifolia.

STATUS: illegal for both Medical and recreation.

Ghana has a total of 2 million users. Cannabis is known as wee or devil tobacco. I think i love the name Devil Tobacco after all Devil isn't that much a bad guy. Cannabis in Ghana is illegal. without a license from the Minister of Health.
STATUS: illegal for both Medical and recreation.

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Great article...never knew Nigeria has such a good scene from the looks of here.


Yeah! it does. The media keeps making it seem like we have a bad scene. Thanks for the comment.

Prohibition has to go, it's time for a free market which benefits the country instead of a black market. 👍


It will. soon enough i believe. it might take a long time in Africa but it will definitely come through.

Great post. It is funny how African countries have refused to legalise the use of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purpose, it's not like they do not know the benefits of cannabis to both the the users and even the benefits to the economy but they still chose to ignore it and criminalize it's users. However, in the near future I see it being legalised in some African countries.