Africa Giant Cannabis Forerunners(Zimbabwe)

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On Friday 27 April 2018 Zimbabwe became the second African country to legalize Mbanje for medical and scientific purposes.

Zimbabwe legalized the cultivation and production of cannabis related products for only medical and scientific purposes 2018. The laws of the country also permits producers of cannabis to send medical cannabis to patients who are authorized to use them, but a legal system to grants patients right to use the drugs is not yet approved by the Zimbabwe legal bodies. The legalization of Mbaje allows productions of marijuana both dried and fresh ones, seeds and CBD oil.

Economic Progress Through Cannabis

According to the reports on Zimbabwe media house, the government will be going through over 37 cannabis company applications. The chief operating officer of Precision Cannabis Therapeutics Zimbabwe said the country will be encouraging economic progress through Cannabis production. The COO said; “The government of Zimbabwe is open for business and welcomes investors in all sectors of the economy, including licensing for the production of medical cannabis,”

Emery also said that the country has the ideal location in Africa for production and cultivation of Mbaje with “large, functioning, commercial farms with access to abundant water for agriculture purposes and a mild climate, year around, for the most cost-effective production of medical cannabis.”
Lesotho wa the first country in Africa to grant license for production of Marijuana in Africa they made their first export of cannabis to Canada. Dallas McMillan, the CEO of Rhizo Sciences, said that the company planned to provide medical marijuana to vertically integrated cannabis companies in Canada.

The CEO said.“These exports demonstrate our production and export capability, so we can open the channels for our commercial production later in the year,” McMillan said. “We have buyers in Canada lined up, but of course they all want a Certificate of Analysis (from a certified lab) before we can really even talk business.”

after the action of Lesotho several other African countries including Nigeria, Ghana. South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia have initiated efforts to legalized the crop but most of this country have been denied right by the corrupt government of the country. We hope things change soon especially in country like Nigeria.

experts at consultancy firm, Prohibition Partners have already said, “Africa’s legal cannabis industry could generate more than $US 7.1 billion annually by 2023 if a number of the continent’s major markets open up and mirror the trend of legalisation” seen in the US, Canada and Europe.

I hope our president see to this and make cannabis legal. They should look at the economic and health benefits and then amend the law. it will change everything in Nigeria and Africa at large. According to Prohibition Partners, estimates show that more than 38000 tonnes of illegal cannabis is produced across Africa each year. so who are we deceiving? My country is the third highest users of cannabis and the first in Africa and still it is made illegal.

But thanks to the digital and progressive government of Zimbabwe and not this analog tyrant called Buhari. Ivory Medical, a company in Zimbabwe has already been granted the licence to cultivate cannabis at a prison facility in Zimbabwe under a partnership involving the Ministry of Health and funded by NSK Holdings, other international investors, and Portuguese technical farming support firm, Symtomax. According to this report

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Congrats to Zimbabwe for finaly recognizing cannabis healing powers...

Let then do their research to figure out how awesome it is for preserving good health (and mood) as well and let the whole thing just be (grow)...medical, research, or otherwise...

Thanks for the share.


yeah! The only problem I have is their license fee. 50,000 dollars to obtain a license togrow cannabis doesn't sit well with me. We shouldn't deprive people of their drugs. Most of the ganja farmers in Zimbabwe do not have such money to buy the license. I hope they re-amend that law soon.

This is some fantastic news. One at a time places aroudntnhe world accept cannabis as the healing of the nation.

Good write up bro! Thanks for posting it.


Thank you so much. Gracia's buddy

Analog tyrant haha... Soon Nigeria will look into legalizing it, probably after this present government.


😂 you know he is a dumb analog president.

We like voting for old people that is why we are not progressive. Not just Nigeria most African countries.

Historically, African’s seemed to believe that old age and wisdom/ability to govern were directly proportional.

the kinds of political parties that we have in Africa, are still very much centered on individuals, leaders that have been around for a very, very long time’ instead of on individuals with a track record of success.

Buhari have zero track record of success. He doesn't know what the internet is, have zero idea about digitization. He is just a ugly Fucking tyrant. He knows nothing more than to abuse human rights.

We shouldn't expect anything good to come out of Nigeria in regards to legalization of cannabis. We are too religious and backward. After Buhari leaves we would be thinking of voting for Atiku or Kwankoso or one dead beat Hausa man with zero track record than six, seven wives.

The only thing most Africa president know how to do is to abuse human rights and then implement old stupid laws, have sex, drink and pray.