A Nigeria Governor, Akeredolu, plans to grow marijuana

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9 months ago

This is just proof that the global widespread of cannabis legalization is getting to Africa.

Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has revealed plans by the statehouse to grow cannabis for medical and economic benefits.

The governor was in Thailand with the head of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Muhammad Abdallah, for a programme on medicinal cannabis extract development.

The governor tweeted some month back that Nigeria would be depriving itself by not looking at the economic benefits of Cannabis.

He said the company, under the control of the NDLEA, will create job opportunities for thousands of unemployed youths if seriously considered by the Federal Government. In a country with an average Unemployment Rate of 38.5% which means that over 30.9 million Nigerians are unemployed.

He said, "We all know that Ondo State is the hotbed of cannabis cultivation in Nigeria. We know how to grow it and it thrives well in the Sunshine State. With an estimated value of $145 Billion in 2025, we would be shortchanging ourselves if we failed to tap into the Legal Marijuana Market.

"Our focus now is Medical Marijuana cultivation in controlled plantations under the full supervision of the @ndlea_nigeria. I strongly implore the FG to take this seriously as it is a thriving industry that will create 1000's of Jobs for our youth & spur Economic Diversification."

The Governor mentioned that he will be putting up programs around exploting the commercial advantage on cannabis oil with a focus on Ondo State.

My take on this issue is straight; You all know that I am 100% pro-cannabis but I do not think Nigeria is fully ready for Medical Marijuana center. Mr Rotimi will end up inviting a territorial DRUG WAR. He needs to decriminalize first before tapping into the industry. This is part of many reasons why this might be an issue, for now, is the fact that Nigeria does not have an ethical systematized pharmacy industry. I personally think we are not yet capable of medicinal marijuana center. What we should be looking at is to decriminalize the herb first, regulate our pharmaceutical industry before creating marijuana centers. Until then this move will only lead to a drug war and we cannot afford such.

Decriminalize Marijuana first!

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I hope this will lead to the complete legalization for you 👍


Hopefully, it will.