Upvoting posts by Current and Active Witnesses.... keeping Smoke alive.

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5 months ago

I’m not sure if I need to unvote some of the inactive Witnesses... it says I have 6 more Votes Available.... how do we unvote Old Witnesses ?

I try clicking on the red button not sure that works ?

Anyway.... if someone creates a Post of all Current, Active Witnesses with Links I will go Upvote all their posts to support them....

Let’s keep Smoke.io alive.... I will keep creating Smoke.io videos and posting on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Steemit, Instagram, Publish0X and everywhere else. Let’s support each other everywhere.
It is only if we spread the word of Smoke on Old Centralized Media that people will ever learn about the Smoke Blockchain.

Happy Holidaze TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/HMrxcr/



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I have some old desktops I am gonna wipe and put Linux on them to set up something then gonna set up a back up with a VPS. But it will likely take me a week or two to dig them out as I can only do so much per day and they are buried in the spare room. I know where they are just don't have easy access to them.


You will have my support when you get it up and running 💕

To unvote Old Witnesses just click on the red button but you need to use your active or owner key.
I'm also interested in a post of all current active witnesses to know which to vote as witness and to vote their posts.


Thanks. Done.

Just posted the new active witnesses. https://smoke.io/witness/@bbq-iguana/welcome-new-witnesses

Will continue to give updates as needed.


Excellent. Thanks. Much appreciated.

Your support is appreciated my friend 💖 really what we need to do is encourage anyone that has a spare machine with 8GB of ram kicking around too run a witness also!


I have an iPod.


Well if yea know anyone spread the word, maybe you guys could partner 😉

Since I don't know whom to vote for our witnesses, your list will make a good sample as we click and visit their respective accounts as well. Thanks for the info.


The active ones are a good start to look at 👍