Canada’s Ontario Cannabis Store Loses $42 Million selling overpriced weed

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9 months ago

How do you lose money selling Legal Weed ?

Make it overpriced and ensure that all the Early Insiders, Investors, Politicians, Bankers and Stock holders cash out at the Top.

This is a Ponzi Scheme.... another CEO retires with big fat severance.... millions.

How is this a sustainable Business Model ?

Pay everyone $100 Million up front and hope you make a profit 20 years from now ?

Who does business like this ? Late investors are being fleeced.



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actually insane they lost that much money, worst weed dealers ever hahah!


It’s a Ponzi scheme. The legal Cannabis industry is run by a handful of Greedy white guys in Canada who have made billions. Most of them have been fired and stuffed their billions offshore.


no joke, prohibition 2.0 is real


They are literally trying to kill people with their 96 pesticides. It’s no mystery why people are dying from vaping.


Health Canada is letting these people spray their weed with Carbofuran .... “Carbofuran is so toxic that small amounts can kill full-grown bears.”


You can see the list of 96 Chemicals allowed on the Health Canada Web Site:

Do you really want to smoke so many chemicals ?