Buying and Selling Smoke Crypto on

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last month

Great to see Smoke get listed on

Maybe it will get listed on next.
1,000 Smoke is worth almost 30 Hive !
600 Smoke is worth $2.63 USD

@Smokelink explains the process here :



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That would make my Smoke Account worth nearly $2k USD 🤪 I definitely have not put that much in 💪


Yeah. It’s pretty good. It’s real $$$


460,000~ X 0.042 (Bitshares price, the only one with real liquidity and value.) X 0.0236 (Bitshares price.) = $455.952


Still less than I have put in 😉

Your one to talk about the “worthlessness” of a 3rd party pegged token 😉 I suppose you know first hand after all.


I have a steem engine token I'm developing something for that I've taken a hiatus from for a while, that isn't finished yet and won't be for a little while longer, therefore it hasn't been implemented and has no value yet. I'm fully aware of that. :-) Just because you're too ignorant to know what goes on behind the scenes, doesn't mean nothing is happening. ;-) cute little invalid. :-)

What I stated before, since you're too retarded to read obviously, is that sidechain pegged tokens meant to represent a real crypto are a fucking joke and worthless because they hold no value internally beyond what whoever it is that created the peg is willing to put to it and even then you can only hope they don't exit scam on you. God you're fucking dumb LOL. Seeing you try over and over again to take shots at me and fail every time is entertaining as shit!

You'd know better than anyone about worthlessness, your life is worthless and so is your stake. LOL. Saying it's worth even $500 is a bit of a stretch, because it's only worth that to one person who's got a large buy order up. Doubt they even realize what a turd this place is or they'd probably pull that order. LMFAO.

Simp for me more bby. You always make me smile! ;-)


WOULD, key word. It's not worth that tho and won't ever be. Your stake is less than $500 lmfao. I know you spent more than that on it too, because I sold you a lot of that smoke! ;-)

0 liquidity, no one wants it, 0 buy orders and people looking to sell to try to get SOMETHING back from their bum investment. LOL.


Not true my buy orders are taken basically as soon as I place though it has been a little while due to needing rewards for other projects.

Good to know that finally smoke another exchange and it is on Hive-engine.

That's great!! I will try to transfer my first 1k though I still don't. Know the procedure..



Need more people buying and selling there though .... keep it on the move.

You're fucking dumb. LOL.

Maybe YOU are paying that for it, but literally 0 other people are. Not a single buy order in sight. LMFAO!

Trying to shill dead turdchain won't do anything, dead turdchain is dead turdchain. Can't shill something that's unshillable.


0 buy orders. :-)

Shitstain, your stake is worth approximately:

460,000~ X 0.042 (Bitshares price, the only one with real liquidity and value.) X 0.0236 (Bitshares price.) = $455.952

So your account is worth much less than you spent. :-)

Also, this means that for around $4-5k, anyone can have the stake of Indica! (Over time, to not inflate the price, that is. ;-P)

Dead turdchain is dead turdchain and it's only going to continue to fall.

I'm laughing at whatever dipshit has that 2million+ buy order for smoke. Wonder if they know this place is a fucking turd or not. Hm.... LOL!


I love how you crop your screenshots so people can't see the important parts that tell people what they really need to know. Would hate to be someone else who just found out about hive-engine just to deposit there and realize there's no one even buying. LOL. You should really stop trying to deceive, Rod, from that first fucking faked email you sent that gave us your name and email address, to this utterly retarded intentional cropping of pictures to only show specific things, it's honestly just fucking pathetic. Deception isn't cool, Rod.