If you live in LA and have always wanted to own a cannabis dispensary, this is an opportunity to check out.

6 months ago

Live in LA and have interest in owning a cannabis dispensary?

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Check if you qualify:


MJ Social Reform Equity has the backing and needs a qualified candidate to receive the license. Once-in-a-lifetime cannabiz opportunity. It sounds a bit too good to be true, but there is a group of investors and they just need the right person to gain the license, which makes that lucky person a partner.

Plus: $2500 bounty paid to the person that finds the qualified candidate! Maybe you know someone in LA? Please share.

I am also paying influencers in the LA area, so if that's you, message me.


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It’s a pity the page is that limited in information, it indeed does sound almost too good to be true.

Not sure if funding or “financial assistance” provided. Nothing mentioned about the terms either. Due to the absence of those details, whether in legalize or simple language, it may sound a lot more interesting than it actually is. Especially because the page doesn’t promote any partners or even references.


I'd be happy to shine light on anything involved with MJSE, or in general, social reform equity programs.

It feels too-good-to-be-true, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's along the lines of a lottery. Lots of people interested, but only 1 or 2 make it. The MJSE team is finding it incredibly hard to find the right qualified candidate.

The basics of the program is that there's a group of investors that want to use social reform programs to work with people in specific areas to start a cannabis dispensary. MJSE cannot do it without the qualifying person, who will be the one to gain the dispensary license.

The website is designed so people that might qualify apply, and then the next step is a phone conversation. It's currently made so it's simple and easy to get the basics, and then apply to see if you're qualified. All the transparency comes in the phone call with a potentially qualified applicant.

The qualified candidate takes no risk, needs 0 capital. The worst case scenario is that the candidate is back where they started. There's nothing that involves using the candidate's credit or anything sketchy. The candidate's residence and socio-economic status is what gains everyone the step to move forward.


I think programs like that would see many more applicants if there were upfront transparency.

Whenever I hear “investors” I want to know terms. The wording on the website itself seems to point at loans, there isn’t really any mention of investment. Let alone terms.

I hope I’m wrong because I’m all for such programs but I also know that the “right applicants” often lack true business knowledge and also money to afford legal assistance to know what they sign up for.

As such I’m always wary, even more so when there’s no upfront transparency offered. If the opportunity is awesome... there’s no reason why the initiative wouldn’t publish its terms on their site. At least the main framework of them.


There are plenty of applicants, just not qualified applicants. (specific zipcode + lived there for 5 years + past cannabis conviction + desire and passion to open a dispensary... it's hard to find)

Investors in this specific project means the company MJSE itself. Several people built a company around using social reform projects to further the business. There's no hidden members or secret money. I think the reason more isn't described on the website is that too much would be revealing the business model. But googling cannabis social equity or cannabis social reform projects will bring up info.

Think of it like this: The people that MJSE are looking for would not be the type of person worth trying to run a scam on. MJSE is putting money into the project, and putting money into finding the right candidates, but the person needed makes under $50K a year and has a criminal conviction. MJSE cannot gain anything from a person that doesn't have a nest-egg.

I'm talking with MJSE in a consultant capacity to address your concerns. Your point is beyond valid, and we must showcase it in such a way so that the program clearly makes sense as a social reform program, and not a scam or something weird.


To be entirely honest, claims such as

The people that MJSE are looking for would not be the type of person worth to run a scam on

They do scare me. They lead me to think that the social element may be a covert marketing element to an otherwise franchise model. There is no doubt that there will be huge money in dispensaries. And that in this “super opportunity” there may be future “from rags to riches” stories. There is a huge potential to milk any future employee, or entrepreneur with little legal knowledge - or resource to hire high level legal assistance before signing on the dotted line.

Indeed, disclosing too much can potentially be a negative. Which is why I’m always interested in the terms first before assessing whether a model is good or not. Even more so if there’s an affiliate model in play because there are undoubtedly several (not for profit) organizations who could assist in finding the right candidates.

The burden for social models is much higher to obtain credibility than it is for other models. Because, also in this case, a certain vulnerable demographic is targeted.


All very valuable insight.

I talked with MJSE and they're adding more info (what are social reform programs, why MJSE, why not do it yourself, what happens if you're a qualified candidate). I'm pretty sure MJSE wants to encourage people to work with them rather than go apply for a license without them. MJSE offers up to $250,000 non-dept capital to work with the person(s) qualified to gain the licenses.

MJSE is a private equity company, so they won't disclose their investors or inner-workings, but they're open about that info with people that they work with.

True, regarding targeting a vulnerable demographic. Still, if there was a ploy of some sort, wouldn't MJSE accept more people? They decline almost everyone. MJSE is out scoping for an intelligent individual with an entrepreneur-mindset and savvy business sense. That specific type of person would be a skeptic and weary of this, which is a good thing.

this sounds nice im follownig!