Nigeria Epileptic Patients Denied Right to Use CBD OIL

last year

My New Year Execution

It been a while i last visited smoke or post any article. Have been busy with some charity and adoption work for cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

I have many plan this year for both Epileptic and disabled people in Nigeria.

over 1 million Nigerians are struggling with Epilepsy in my country and no one is helping them at all. With the few evidence from laboratory studies, anecdotal reports, and small clinical studies over a number of years suggest that cannabidiol (CBD) could potentially help control seizures. The researchers, in two new studies, found that cannabidiol oil (CBD), a compound found in cannabis, has reduced the frequency and severity of seizures in children and adults with severe, intractable epilepsy.

So, i reached out to the president of Epilepsy Nigeria NGO in person of Seyi Aragbada to see how we can help in getting CBD oil for the treatment of Epilepsy. She told me that the Nigeria law find it illegal to sell or distribute CBD in as much as it is hemp product and i told her i have been buying and selling CBD oil in Nigeria. I showed her my cart on Konga and my total sales which she was surprised. We decided to send mails to most CBD whole Sellers to see if we can get this drugs on discount but to no avail. CBD oil are too expensive for the average epileptic patient to buy in Nigeria so she will be working to get a license so as to farm and produce CBD oil in Nigeria just for epilepsy patients alone. She contacted LUTH and will be having a meeting with them by Next month. We hope we get this licensed soon.

Her NGO have helped in educating Nigerians about Epilepsy because most people run from those who suffer from this seizures, parents tell their children to avoid epileptic patients they believe it is contagious and spiritual.

What i and my team intend doing is getting both CBD oil and Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures associated with two epilepsy syndromes - Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

we feel this will help pivot the legalization of Cannabis in Nigeria when people begin to see other medical benefits in cannabis.

Her NGO will be starting the first rehabilitation center for those suffering from Epilepsy and she is also sourcing for funds for that. You can watch her videos here

We will be having several health summit in Lagos to educate Nigerians about the benefits of Cannabis and also encourage those suffering from epilepsy to use CBD oil or buy Epidiolex.

Over 1 million persons are living with Epilepsy in Nigeria! How staggering a figure! Many Nigerians are civil engineers, architects, manage malls, schools and banks. How many times have anyone stopped to consider how an epileptic victim survive? No one care about them even the government. But am taking my effort to source for funds to provide medication for them and also to boost the awareness about Epilepsy.

Ignoring 1 million persons is a grave act of injustice. The Human Rights Act which protects the rights of persons with epilepsy is yet to be assented to by the President. From 1960 till date this folks have been living a life of hell.

Many have died from this sickness but i and my team will be raising funds for those living with Epilepsy and also we will be providing Ramps and Wheelchairs for the disabled in the country.

We will be having a new year event with the IDP camp in Borno state this people have been made homeless by an Islamic terrorist group called Boko Haram and those who have been suffering the most are the children we have reached out to a cryptocurrency firmand they will be assisting us with funds to start up our campaign.

We will take this advantage to introduce the Nigeria Military men about using Cannabis for PTSD related issues. I once introduce over 100 of them to cryptocurency in Katsina and introducing them to cannabis and so they can always read and learn more about the medical benefit of Cannabis is part of our plans for 2019.

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My mother has epilepsy. We live in the US in an illegal state but recently we did get CBD as it is Hemp and not marijuana it is the first thing that has really helped. She has been on all the meds. Back in the 80s she was the first person in the US to undergo brain surgery to try to cure them. It stopped them for a few years but then she started having them again she then has a VNS implant and that works partly meaning sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. But the ones she does has are really bad now. I Introduced her to CBD and she has been seizure free since she started it nearly 4 months ago. Thankfully the US finally said HEMP is okay so my mom has access.


This is incredible news, thanks for sharing it and best wishes for your mom.


Wow! thank you for sharing this story i know one day the Nigerian government will make hemp accessible to everyone who needs it.

As a patient who uses cannabis to treat epilepsy, it helps me very much. I hope that relief is able to come to Nigerians soon.


We will fight hard to see this licensed soon.

This is really great man. I love seeing information coming from different parts of the world. I'll be sharing this in my weekly Highlights. Great job and keep it coming!


Thank you so much! Smoke on!

Canna-Curate supports this.


Thank you so much!

Keep fighting the good fight!


Ye! we won't give up!

Great engagement and activism. Keep up the fight.


Yes, thank you

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You are doing the right thing.

On what crypto projects are you working?

You should just make your own RSO oil from high cbd weed


This is what we planning presently but we don't want to get into problem with the Nigeria police force. This force kill people for smoking, they can also extort the individual, or they will exchange you for another criminal. It hard for we that smoke in this part of the country. This is why we want to go through this in a more legal manner. Lagos State University want to work with us in producing cannabis but until we get backing from the government.