Charlie Shrem Writer Called A Scam

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2 years ago

I was just reading through my messages on different cannabis channel that i am. I normally share every of my post at those discord groups to get more cannabis users on the blockchain. This is a regular routine for me. I post on every social media also. Then i saw this
until i stumbled on a post on the Ganja channel where Smoke was mentioned by one of the Charlie Shrem writers Zachary Mashiach on Shrem trade bot blog. As if that was not enough then i saw this ponzi bot advert at the header of their blog spot.

The first thing i saw was the image of Charlie Shren the man who took over 400 Dash from the Dash Dao and didn't deliver until we had to embarrass and chase him on twitter before he responded and returned the money. He lied severally and when the dash core team notify r send a mail to him he won't respond it took us more than 12 months to get back the money from him why am i writing about this?

This crypto trade desk have the guts to mention smoke in their shitty article and even wrote this:
" SMOKE has a market cap of $840,000 and is listed on some decentralized exchanges. It seems like SMOKE is meant to be the weed version of Steemit. It appears the website did launch and is functioning as a social network for stoners, who can smoke and earn SMOKE. Perhaps SMOKE has potential, so it gets the classification fresh pinner joint. However, the entire concept of people motivating each other to smoke drugs to earn cryptocurrency seems like something the world does not need. "

This article boldly claim that all cannabis coins are shitcoins and a scam but the same crypto traders took Charlie Shrem as their advisor but in this other link Charlie Shrem is the owner of the ponzi trade bot . Show me your advisor and i will tell you who you are. Only a scammer work with a shit trade scammers like Charlie the same man who stole 5,000 BTC from the Winklevoss twins

"Charlie Shrem has recently been accused of stealing 5000 Bitcoin (BTC) from Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the co-owners of crypto exchange, Gemini. Now Shrem - alongside his lawyer - has hit back against the claims.

The Winklevoss claim that they paid Shrem $1 million for the purchase of BTC, of which they allege they never received.

Within the lawsuit claim the main focus appears to be Shrem’s current financial status:

“Either Shrem has been incredibly lucky and successful since leaving prison, or — more likely — he ‘acquired’ his six properties, two Maseratis, two powerboats and other holdings with the appreciated value of the 5,000 Bitcoin he stole,”. Says the New York Times quoting the lawsuit. "

But this scammers are not dealing with the Shrem within them but their focus is on the Cannabis community and social media Smoke!

if you google review about Crypto IQ it is filled with different scam related proofs

Do not read or accommodate stupid articles like this. The writers also assume he has the monopoly on what the world need! with this shallow sentence:

"The entire concept of people motivating each other to smoke drugs to earn cryptocurrency seems like something the world does not need."

Scammers like this shouldn't be respected in both the cryptocurrency eco-system and in the cannabis community. Seeing things like this on Ganja coins channel made me feel bad. I was on my third Joint but i had to drop the joint to pen down my thoughts and trash this scammers who should be in jail and not having a crypto company or even hiring Writers.

Smoke on fellas nobody can stop us or compare us to any other cannabis coins we are far different from them. We are the grass that grew from the concrete, Without Smoke the world of Cannabis is incomplete!

Smoke made me come out green and made me a better activist and smoker down here in Africa and have seen many of my brothers doing well and living beyond the stigma and criminilazation in Nigeria. Folks like @princeola @JoeAgbo and @samminator are writing and making Africa proud about Cannabis.


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Some of the other cannabis cryptos may be sketchy, like celebs getting hit with fines for endorsing them and stuff, but Smoke was given a bit of credit for actually launching a real end product unlike the majority of ICOs from the last couple years.

Don't smear him in retaliation, let's be better than that, eh? 👌