2 Months and 11 days - 100% UPTIME of Smoke.io [stoned edit]

2 years ago

Happy Smoke.io

Glad to inform #community and visitors, that Smoke.io, its subdomains and APIs last time reported being offline 2 Months and 11 days ago for 1ms.

Tool will be available soon to #everyone + #Witness monitoring!


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You guys are really doing great job treating and fixing everything as quickly as possible.. Keep up the good work and keep helping the smoke.io ecosystem to grow..

Smoke on!

Glad to hear it. :)

You were right before.
About most things, anyhow.
I have some work to put in.

Hope all is well and happy holidays. :)


All good @howhigh! I'm glad we can work it out, and you're having my vote back if you're game for a witness. Nobody nowadays comes to say "yeah, I was not right.", but you are no nobody anymore for me. Full respect, many thanks and happy holidays! :)

Great job. Thank you!

No wonder it’s such a Stable Coin.

Nice job


Fantastic streak of 100% uptime!

Thats a great going.

Awesome! Nothing like a solid 100% uptime!

Thanks for update.
We are in the right place.
Keep the good work.