I will advice everyone abstain from using Escodex Exchange- [plus worst customer service so far]

7 months ago

I will advice anyone trading coins or smoke coin on @escodex-smoke, or who uses it mostly for exchanging should abstain from using it for now, until the air have been cleared off.

I sent some smoke(655) to the exchange, this would make it 2days since i did that deposit, and after 5 hours when i couldn't find my smoke coins on my escodex wallet, i sent a MESSAGE to their support service through email, but i got this error.

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:


[email protected]
(generated from [email protected])
LMTP error after end of data: 451 4.2.0
[email protected] Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for more information. [2019-02-02 18:37:31]:
retry timeout exceeded

So i went further to there telegram to lay my complains and emphasizes, but guess what? all admins was last seen 2 to 3 days ago, only him
[Crypto - 6789] was actually seen recently,So i drooped my complains on the group - i explained to him my situation but the dude isn't even replying after he told me to check for my TX with the bot, which i did and which he saw the bot couldn't find my transactions, i heard from him no more.

Then i messaged on his telegram dm, dude is reading my messages but wasn't replying, i wonder why an admin claiming customer service would leave their customers in so much confusion and in a whammy situation.


I also noticed other customers later joined and made complains of their respective coins, in which they were also snubbed and wasn't attended to - so i guess what ever the cause might be isn't just affecting the smoke coin only but other coins, *but thing is before i made the smoke deposit , i actually made a deposit of swiftcash to my escodex and came immediately before i proceeded with the smoke deposit which is actually taking three days and still yet can't find my coin deposit .


I will advice everyone of us for now to abstain from using the exchange and keep using rudex until they have set things to order, or actually tell us if they are still in control of the exchange,or just anything to make us feel we are safe again to make smoke deposit , cause right now, i just don't understand why an exchange will be so unprofessional...especially tge customer support
.Escodex has the worst customer support so far..... even a dullard won't behave the way the idiot we met and layered our complains and questions to was actually handling us.



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sorry Bro, they will respond, but trade volume there is low


yeah it is low but i just wanted to test the exchange with smoke and see how it goes, i normally do use rudex all time, and now i regret it

yeah man support is garbage at this place, I think you can spam the shit out of them on discord and they will respond.

I think for time being rudex is the best exchange to use


very terrible i must say, thanks for the tip, lemme go bother them now on discord... thanks


Yeah no problem I had a issue with them before so I know how this is


good thing,just got resolved now.... 🤭


That is awesome to hear, Did you have to get discord to do it"?


yeah, i think they were all away, cause when they came back 3 admin wants to help me out....... might be the weekend.