Interview With Mr. Nug Part II / Revolution With Rules / Bread & Weed

4 months ago
Few days ago, I talked to Mr. Nug and I wrote the first part of the interview World Governments & Marijuana Legalization, but as a lot of subjects was included in the interview, I come up today with the Part II.


@lordoftruth: Can I ask why you accept to answer me ?
Mr. Nug: Brother @lordoftruth, the only reason I accepted to answer an interview is because I want to highlight some facts for ordinary Smokers, especially the Smokers who are not members of yet, that are usually misinformed.

@lordoftruth: What is your nationality ?
Mr. Nug: The nugs have no nation. The future is ours, the future is green. I born to be #nug, I have no nationality.

@lordoftruth: So you have no passport !
Mr. Nug: I do not need it, as I can move everywhere, no border can stop me, I spread through the world.

@lordoftruth: What your opininon about ?
Mr. Nug: It is young platform, where most of members try to come up with the best related #Cannabis contents and applications.

@lordoftruth: As you know #Steem had investment, marketing and it is company backed. My question is "Can we compare #Smoke to Steem" ?
Mr. Nug: Something needs to be done, will be very hard and need time but I believe Smoke can overtake Steem with the right rules / A Revolution With Rules.

@lordoftruth: A revolution with rules !
Mr. Nug: You need promotion, investors, dollars on the blockchain, to can be used for paying for other crypto services or for issuing dividends.

@lordoftruth: As I understood no border can stop you, So what you know about North Korea !
Mr. Nug: North Korea is indulgent with Marijuana. The regime has a relaxed attitude as regards consumption and trafficking of Marijuana and as I saw the regime do not consider Cannabis is a drug and even could have exported Cannabis for the currency.

@lordoftruth: So, If there are no bread, at least you can smoke weed !
Mr. Nug: Indeed. It is impossible to know without a doubt whether or not there is a law condemning Marijuana consumption and trafficking. But a large number of North Koreans who have escaped, experts and people who have visited the country say that, and if there is a legitimate framework, it is not implemented, and is so easy to buy a Marijuana-packed bag from a sheltered market in a rural area and Smoke Marijuana in parks, right in front of monuments, as well as in restaurants and bars.


@lordoftruth: So is it legal or illegal !
Mr. Nug: "Cannabis grows wild in North Korea and was sold abroad by government agencies as a way to get foreign currencies." explains Sokeel Park, director of research and strategy for human rights group Freedom in North Korea. Marijuana, known as "yoksam," is not considered an illegal drug by the government, it is as if it is legal.

Reference & Photo / Adevarul

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I am contrarian, I don't see smoke ever over taking Steem. However, it would be in my benefit if it did. So I am hoping to be wrong on this one :)


Everything in Crypto world is possible.
Thanks for reply and your support.

i like that part, i belong to no nation, the world is our playing ground, just few fuckers trying hard to restrict our movements, in the name of immigration, the price of smoke will definitely find its self in the moon as soon as its listed in centralized exchanges.

Does it mean that cannabis is some how legal in North korea?


apparently there is no legislation for cannabis, that understood


Appetite suppression

I have got very sick suddenly few minutes ago. My apologies as I will be not able to reply to your comment today, I will reply when I feel better. I upsmoked this comment to raise the visibility.


Get better soon 👍👨‍⚕️


Thank you.
I am a little bit better this morning. I hope that I will be same for the rest of the day !

You are very creative and the interview is interesting, fun and has a lot of information and news.