International Hemp Fair in Rome / Canapa Mundi / 15-16-17 February 2019

6 months ago


The biggest event in #Italy where hemp will be in the spotlight, will be held from 15 to 17 February 2019 in Rome, where Canapa Mundi will present its amazing products, natural and organic hemp cosmetics.


  • Success is guaranteed for exhibitors. The opportunity to discover interstitial things and have fun in a comfortable atmosphere. Taking part in the cultural transformation of their society and in the development of such an important field for their economy.

  • It is a meeting point for manufacturers, consumers, distributors, retailers, nonprofit organizations, new and old customers around the world. Through stands, conferences, video shows, exhibitions and workshops they will be introduced into the world of food, clothing, bioplastics, plant products, cosmetics, construction techniques, tools for consumers and patients.

  • Canapa Mundi is the celebration of the plant, which by definition is synonymous with strength, resilience, good health, respect for the environment and thier historical roots.

  • From all corners of the world, from all areas of knowledge and everyday life, all roads lead to Canapa Mundi.

More information at Canapa Mundi !

Video Source
It is the International Fair which has been bringing in Rome hemp fragrance and taste since 2015 / The biggest event in Italy in exponential growth, and the only officially recognized as International #Fest
Note, Hemp Oil:
  • Is most commonly comes from the #Cannabis Sativa ( Industrial #Hemp ) plant seed.
  • Is regulated in its production and is tested for THC and CBD levels.
  • Contain higher levels of CBD and low levels of THC.

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Reference & Photo / Canapa Mundi /


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Awesome.... great to see this happening in Rome. Would love to be there.

Should be a pretty awesome event!