Introducing myself to the Smoke community

6 months ago

Hello everyone, I'm glad to finally be here, few weeks ago I was introduced to this community by my generous friend, he kept compelling me to make a post in the community but I kept hesitating I guess today I will officially join the bloggers to help contribute positively to the greatness of the community. My name is Darlington Christian, I'm a computer engineering student, a blogger, crypto trader and a freelancer. I have been blogging on previous platforms like and I'm glad I found one just like it but just a little better design.

I love good food and red wine, Yes they both make me happy.


I know a little about cannabis and hemps with the help of this platform I hope to boost my knowledge. I'm really curious about the effects of cannabis infused food or edibles.

Image source

Image Source

I do not have much to say about myself, just that I'm a hard working person and I'll do my best to contribute to this platform. I hope we do great things on this platform.

#introductorypost #introducemyself #introduction

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Welcome to the Smoke community.

We are looking forward to your stories, content, and to have you among us. Don’t hesitate to hit us up with questions or to ask in Discord.

To an awesome time on Smoke! 🦇

PS: several of the used images do not seem to display (everywhere). It is best to make use of an upload option like, rather than hotlinking images because not every website allows that.


Sure questions coming right in your discord channel, thanks a lot.

Welcome to smoke platform and have a great experience around..
feel free to read the content guide
it helps a lot.

Smoke on!!


Thanks a lot for your help.

You are welcome to this amazing platform, enjoy your stayed here

Hello @lod, welcome to Smoke Network and thank you for creating your first post!
If you're new to cryptocurrencies in general or aren't sure exactly how and Smoke Network works be sure to head over to our docs to get clued up.
- For the latest updates and news on the platform be sure to follow @smokenetwork our official Smoke Network account
- To help you get the most out of Smoke Network please be sure to also read the Content Guidelines set out in our Docs. Following these will earn you the most Smoke possible from the community and potentially earn you a spot in the Ambassador Programme.
We look forward to seeing the amazing cannabis content you produce!
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Thank you, I'm happy to be here.

Bro's you're welcome to smoke platform have fun and keep posting and keep earning and most importantly tell a friend about smoke.


Thanks man, I'm glad to be here.