Anarchaforko is Cannabis Friendly: Let's Make This a Thing too!

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2 years ago

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that Anarchaforko is a cannabis friendly event, now it’s time to explain what I mean by that. One of the biggest tools for achieving personal freedom for many people myself included is through using cannabis.  I’ve always been a little disappointed that with all the emphasis of plant medicine at Anarchapulco, cannabis is rarely mentioned and certainly not been highlighted in the past.  You’ve got all sorts of ceremonies for what most people consider pretty intense and life changing drugs, yet cannabis hasn't been involved.   

When we forked Anarchapulco, one of our biggest things we wanted to address is the fact that cannabis is not highlighted in the proper light that it should be, so for that reason we geared to make this a cannabis event, as well. 

Last year there was a cannabis culture presence but I’ll admit not enough for our liking.  The only way to change that is to get the word out there and get cannabis lovers involved too!  In my short time here on, I’ve noticed there’s a friendly intelligent bunch of stoners discussing all manners of things here and I have a lot of appreciation for it.  

We want you to come fork with us! in Acapulco?!

Now last year we also wanted to highlight Steemit, for it’s impact it’s had on my life and the life of many others, and we want to do so again.  Having found and started using, I’m determined to try and make this a event too!  There’s a good cannabis community on Steemit but has the potential to be so much better!

 If you’re already coming to Anarchapulco, consider extending your stay for Anarchaforko, which will be held on the main event dates of February 22-24 at Hotel Copacabana here in Acapulco. If you make a hotel room reservation through our website and provide proof of that by December 23rd, we will put you on a list to receive a special giftbag! For legal reasons, we can’t disclose what’s inside but you’ll like it ;) Click here to reserve your hotel room now, then email us at [email protected] with proof of your reservation!

 Beyond the need to highlight things we’re passionate about, we have two main reasons we’re doing all of this: to decentralize the conference structure and return the Anarchists to Acapulco Bay.  Anarchapulco is now held in a beautiful but isolated resort in a suburb outside of Acapulco.  That area is beautiful and offers a lot but it’s not Acapulco!   

 We decentralize the conference structure by allowing anyone with a ticket to add events (workshops, classes and speeches are included).  We encourage people to go beyond the “speech” style of presentation and get creative to share what they’re passionate about.  If you have something you sell or promote, consider a table or booth in our marketplace room, which will be the best place to sell goods and services.  Our goal is to have a good blend of local and expat vendors. 

 One cool feature of the ability to add events is the ability to add tickets for those events, so if there’s a cost in what you want to do that’s a good way to cover it.  Anything held within Acapulco Bay from a visit to the beach to the central market to the movies is welcome to be added as an events, and if there’s costs associated with doing those things, make that the ticket price! Anarchaforko takes no cut of tickets for subevents.   
 And one final awesome perk of a ticket is you get access to the affiliate marketing ticket sales program, with capability of earning half the ticket price for every ticket sold so long as you do the work.  It’s easy to make money to cover your costs just by getting your friends involved who are already going to Anarchapulco! 

 So, who’s forking with us?

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interesting concept for an event. It looks like you folks already have a good community to back it up. I have noticed the folks from my community are focused more on the money aspect than the community aspect.

I wish we could focus less on income an more on outcomes, But i guess that is a byproduct of being in africa where money is tight.


There's nothing wrong with a focus on money and wealth if you're doing the right thing to get there. Many people slave away at jobs they hate for money, other people pursue what they love and money.

I think the concept of this event is something people really crave!!

amazing post really nice

Wanna feel the reality of it. A very great post.

I think the community will support you on this. Cant wait to see some pics from gathering.


I want the community to get involved! I'll make some sort of call to action post. :) Mexico is on the path to legalization and everything, it's a great time to visit!

i really hope there where movements that can actually hit the system in their pockets... soon my dear friends

Fun Fact: LilJohn (John and Lily Da Vine) have used explosives to try and scare off people they did not like living in Acapulco. I know this is the truth because it was I who had the knowledge to facilitate this and personally helped plant the explosives. It was not my idea but LilJohn was too dumb and scared to do this on his own. This was done with full knowledge and approval of Jason Henza as he was trying to get back at the guy who his wife left him for. He even got on Facebook live so he would have an alibi when the bombs went off. I have since come to ask forgiveness for my role in this abhorrent action and now live with the very people I helped aggress against. I know there is no excuse for the role I played in this but at the time I was an emotional wreck and easily manipulated.

This incident will be in the next chapter of my saga about these toxic children on Steemit... Stay tuned!

These two are forcing good people, who have actual talent skills and/or money, to leave or not even come in the first place. I am formally stating that I feel my safety is at risk for exposing these filthy children and I have proven that they are a destructive force in the community. I have offered my hand in peace multiple times but have been ignored. This has only added to my anxiety as to this situation.

Therefore, I am well within my rights, according to the N.A.P., to mitigate this threat with extreme prejudice.

That is all, carry on...

awesome ... keep it coming