INTRODUCTORY POST: The Newest stoner in town!

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What's up my fellow stoners? I'm Edmund, I live in Nigeria, I'm a university student studying Computer Science, and I am a front-end web developer, I'm proficient in Vanilla Js and looking to start using a framework soon. I heard of from my roommates a while back and then i decided to give it a go and sign up but i never got the time to compose an introductory post or even be active on the platform for that matter, So i just had to make up time to day and begin my journey on this new platform and see where it takes me.

Best type of weed?

Well, my favorite type of weed would be the sativa because of the purpose it serves, It energizes one and increases mental activity to help one accomplish maybe a physical task or something related
Cannabis Sativa


Aside from getting high and coding, I also play basketball, i play the point guard position also the small forward, depending on the team situation. My favorite NBA player is Steph Curry because of his razor sharp shooting accuracy and his ability to score from deep court, also because of his strong handles, My second favorite would be Kyrie Irving because of the way he dishes out ankle breakers to anyone who tries to get between him and the hoop. I also love to play video games, Some of my best games include FIFA, NBA 2k, Ghost Recon, Assassins creed, Hitman Absolution and Need for speed, I'm a PC gamer, I also enjoy movies, Sci-Fi to be precise and maybe some Action-Comedy, and last but certainly not least; Music, man i live for music, I couldn't possibly imagine the world without music, To me music makes everything much much better. It brings out the best in us all.

I hope to meet new and awesome people in this community and i hope to gain a lot from being here.


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welcome, have fun and enjoy the ride with this cannabis community.


Thanks a lot.

Welcome to smoke,