Weekly Weed News 2.0 W/ Kief Preston - Episode 91 - November 24th 2019

7 months ago


Welcome to Weekly Weed News 2.0 the Podcast with Kief Preston, where I bring you the week’s most important news about weed, medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, cannabis legalization and anything else to do with the good herb – all while smoking on some good!

This show was created to raise awareness about cannabis-related issues and motivate people to do something to help the movement and make marijuana legalization a reality as soon as possible. There are so many people we can help and there’s so much money to be made, not to mention all the people locked up that shouldn’t be.

"Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston

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Stay UP! -Kief

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Much love for the shout out!

As you tell us: “take action today to help legalize weed tomorrow.” Well, you could start the process to restore your voting rights and help by voting. This stuff has been banned & legalized by fractions of percents. 10’s to 100’s of voted in places. Each vote counts the same. Mine, yours, the billionaire asshole. We all get one vote to cast.

So, for this year, my request & challenge to the Smoke community is to, if you have the ability to, get your voting rights restored & vote for pro cannabis candidates.

Love the show. Keep up the great work!


challenge accepted! As long as that shit doesn't cost me thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, I'm down. And you are absolutely correct, every vote does count ... I said this before on the pod but Arizona passed medical cannabis in 2010 by a margin of 50.13% for, and 49.87% against, and it literally came down to 1,500 votes in a state of four or five million people.


I agree. It should NOT cost you thousands in lawyers fees. To me, if you’ve paid your debts, that should be enough. But some states be all capitalistic assholes about shit.

A fee, like renewing your driver’s license, is reasonable. Thousands? F that.

Looks like it’s automatic for one. Petition the court if more than one...


dope link, thanks!


Hell yeah magn! The first one looked at wanted $595. F that noise.


Who doesn't have voting rights?


Kief P. Listen to his podcast. He mentions it.

Glad you're able to upload to youtube, i was starting to loose hope :) Nice episode once again. Wishing you a great week 😊


stay up!

Yeah man, I listen to your podcasts on castbox - creepy joe biden doesn't know what day of the week it is.


Yeah, I'm not too worried about him actually becoming president haha. Thanks for tuning in to the show @jackdub!

Another cool show mate, keep up the good fight bro.


bong on!!