Today's Weed News For September 6th 2019 #COLOMBIA

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For today's weed news we go to the great nation of Colombia.

When most people think or talk about the country of Colombia, I thit's safe to assume that something related to cocaine or the movie Scarface probably comes to mind. Well, it's no longer the 1980s, and the country has actually made significant progress as far as stifling the illegal production and export of their white profit powder goes.

And now that in 2019, Cannabis law reform and medical cannabis programs have already started being implemented in numerous South American countries, Colombia, who for some time now, has been quietly paving the way to jump into the legal medicinal Cannabis production business, is about to start making some major moves. As a matter of fact, they kind of already are.

It all actually goes back to 1994 when Colombia's Constitutional Court first decided to decriminalize the posession of minor amounts of mind-altering substances, including weed.

Then, in 2012 Colombia's government announced a new law permitting Colombians to possess up to 20 grams of cannabis for personal use.

Three years thereafter, in 2015, President Juan Manuel Santos, apparently realizing the global paradigm shift around cannabis picking up steam worldwide, created a regulatory framework for medical cannabis use, production and sales. That same year, the Colombian Supreme Court also ruled that private citizens would be allowed to grow up to 20 plants at home for their own personal use!

And now, as more and more countries legalize the Herb for both medical and recreational uses, Colombia is expanding their MMJ industry and planning to become one of South America's biggest MMJ exporters to countries who can't meet their own domestic MMJ demand.

You see, in Colombia the sun shines 12 hours a day pretty much all year long, and for those not familiar, that is exactly the amount of light that cannabis plants need in order to enter the blooming phase of their life cycle and produce the flowers or buds that contain most of the plants useful cannabinoids, like THC, CBD, CBG, CBN and others.

They also have a lot of skilled workers willing to work for relatively low wages when compared to the West. Not to mention the fact that the country also has ample farmland that can still be purchased for much less per acre than most places in the North America or Europe.

According to a report recently released by the BBC, Columbia is already home to numerous weed farms that export medical products to places like Canada, the United Kingdom and several other countries. One company by the name of Clever Leaves is said to already employ over 500 people and the country already has 24 similar cannabis-related companies.

If you ask me, Colombia might be the next South American country to become a cannabis hot spot.

And that's what's up!


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Good to see them adopting sensible cannabis policy.