Today's Weed News For September 25th 2019 #FIRSTCAFE

9 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great nation of Israel.

Back in the 1990s, the great nation of Israel legalized medical cannabis use. And since then things have only gotten better. Last year, in 2018, the Knesset (something like a Israeli Parliament) even voted to decriminalize adult use of cannabis. The vote passed by a margin of 41 to 1!

And now, I am thrilled to report, that Isreal just became the Middle East's first country with a so-called "specialized cannabis consumption establishment!"

That's right, a company called Legalization Now just opened a cafe in the city of Beersheba which has a legal, medical cannabis consumption area where medical patients can gather and smoke weed together!

To be clear, Israeli law lets people use cannabis only on private property. That applies to both adult personal use as well as medical patients. The cafe will not be allowed to sell any cannabis or cannabis products, although they say they will offer paraphernalia like rolling papers, pipes, bongs, vapes and the like.

We are "... trying to fight for designated areas that would be accessible for medical marijuana users, hoping that it will get to every cafe, says Legalization Now, founders of the cafe.

"It is healthy and people shouldn't look up on it the way they do... We will hold educational events to [show the public] that cannabis is a medicine," the founders continued.

I feel like this is a huge step forward. And the fact that the founders of this cafe are hoping to create a trend where other spots start designating medical cannabis consumption areas on their premises too, is absolutely amazing.

Israel is by far the most open-minded nation in the Middle East when it comes to cannabis, and has been so for decades. And in my opinion, it's going to stay that way for quite some time. Last year I remember reporting on the nation officially designating a type of vaporizer as a medical device, instead of drug paraphernalia, and even allowing its use inside of hospitals in Israel. That's what I'm talking about!

Naturally I have to give Legalization Now a big shoutout for what they have done this week and I hope that they get enough press and business from it, that others will notice and follow suit.

And for now, that's what's up in Israel!


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Coffee and cones, it doesn't get any better than that bro.

Great read! I forgot where but I read LA was getting ready to open on up as well or they already did, I can't remember right now.


I think I heard that too, and I feel like consumption lounges are beginning to pop up in Colorado as well


Israel is walking the cannabis way, the land of milk, honey and cannabis.


hell ya!