Today's Weed News For September 14th 2019 #CROPINSURANCE

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For today's weed news we go back to all of the great States that grow hemp in America.

If you read my last post, you know that hemp production in the US has taken off like crazy this year, mainly thanks to the Farm Bill signed in December 2018, which gave states the power to regulate hemp production on their own, as long as the THC percentage of the plants remains below 0.3%.

Well now, according to, the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA has decided that farmers growing American hemp for seeds, fiber or flower will be eligible for crop insurance starting in 2020!

To the average cannabis consumer, that may not seem that important, but it's actually kind of a big deal.

"Regular" farmers who plant normal, fully legal things like corn, wheat or whatever, enjoy the security of being able to insure their crop against things like adverse or abnormal weather conditions, pests and numerous other risks that could potentially ruin their harvests. So just like a person who gets in a car wreck or accidentally burns down their home, a normal farmer will get insurance money in case something interferes with, or ruins their crop.

But those brave farmers who have chosen to plant hemp on their land, have not been allowed to insure their plants at all. If anything goes wrong with their plants, they will be left high and dry with no money, nothing to offer buyers and actually probably a bunch of debt from the work they put in in their fields just planting seeds and shit.

But luckily, starting in just a few months, January 2020, the USDA's Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Department's Risk Management Agency is going to finally allow hemp farmers the same safety net that regular farmers have always enjoyed.

The USDA has set a limit of 8.5 million dollars coverage per hemp farm at this time.

"Producers are anxious for a way to protect their hemp crops from natural disasters... The WFRP policy will provide a safety net for them. We expect to be able to offer additional hemp coverage options as the USDA continues implementing the 2018 Farm Bill," said Martin Barbre, the USDA's Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Department's Risk Management Agency administrator.

I personally believe that this is not only a blessing for hemp farmers, and a change that will surely only strengthen America's current hemp production boom, but it is also a major step forward in the way that the USDA is treating people who grow something that is very, very close to real cannabis.

It would only seem logical that eventually, similar protections will be extended to those legally growing real, THC containing plants. And although that might not be tomorrow tomorrow, there will be a tomorrow when that shit will finally happen.

But for now, that's what's up with the USDA and hemp crop insurance in America!


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