Today's Weed News For October 5th 2019 #DENTALHEALTH

5 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great state of North Carolina.

I'm sure everybody agrees that smoking cigarettes has the potential to stain one's teeth to their mouth overtime. But what about weed smoke? Does habitually smoking cannabis for years have any impact on your teath? That is exactly the question that researchers at Duke University just answered with the results of one of their most recent studies.

The sciences at Duke investigated the effects of long-time weed use on people's oral health as well as other parts of the body. And in the end they found that although Cannabis smoke doesn't significantly impact your cholesterol, blood pressure or even your lungs, in a negative way, it has been linked to a few different ailments of the mouth.

"While study participants who had used marijuana to some degree over the last 20 years showed an increase in parodontal disease from age 26 to 38, they did not differ from non-users on any other physical health measures," read part of the study's conclusion.

The two most prevalent types of periodontal disease identified by the Duke researchers were white spots inside the oral cavity known as leukoplakia and chronic dry mouth or xerostomia.

The fact that people get cottonmouth when they smoke is no secret, but it turns out it's actually the main reason why smoking Cannabis may increase your chances for oral issues - since your saliva is actually constantly helping to protect your mouth against harmful bacteria. When your mouth slows its saliva production after you blaze, the lack of spit allows for more bacteria to develop and attack one's teeth, gums, tongue etc and that could potentially lead to an increased chance of gingivitis.

In addition, the authors of this study also said that people can indeed develop some visable staining on their teeth from smoking trees if they do it consistently over a long period of time.

But there's also some good news. As long as you keep a drink on hand or even just chew gum so that you maintain a relatively normal level of moisture in your mouth when you get faded off Trees, your risk of developing one of the above-mentioned negative conditions drops significantly. And as far as eating a bunch of sugary foods when the munchies hit you, just remember to brush your fuckin teeth and you'll be straight.

But anyway, I feel like it's good that somebody took the time to investigate how weed smoke impacts our mouths, and now we know.

Shoutouts to all the scientists studying weed-related shit at Duke.

And that's what's up weed and your teeth in North Carolina.


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So they found a reason to smoke weed! We don’t need one, lol.

It’s so terrible that cigarette still is okay everywhere in the world , but they show weed in a bad light. Lobbying works everywhere!!

Thanks for sharing, have a great day cheers