Today's Weed News For October 4th 2019 #NEWTHAIWEED

10 months ago


For today's weed news to go to the great nation of Thailand.

I recently wrote a story about how Thailand is making major moves to become Asia's top medical cannabis tourism destination. Well it seems like they are continuing to make progress towards that goal.

This week, scientists from Chiang Mai's Maejo University proudly announced that they have created Thailand's first official medical cannabis strain that will be used by those currently registered as cannabis patients in the country. The strain is called Issara 01, after the Thai word for independence or freedom. It is a 1 to 1 CBD:THC ratio strain.

Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Anutin Charvirakul recently what's spoke to the Bangkok Post about the countries progress around medical weed, calling the creation of an official national medical strain of cannabis "... Historic first steps on the path towards allowing people to grow 6 cannabis trees in their homes... The university will be a center where ordinary people can learn how to plant and grow good quality cannabis. Cannabis is not an issue of politics, it is a product that can benefit people's health. In the near future, families will be able to plant it in their back gardens like any other herb."

Maejo University is already reporting that they've started work on their next strain, Maejo 01. They are currently waiting for the green light in the form of a so-called "plantation license", (from the Thai government I assume), to increase production as well as their medical Cannabis research efforts.

"If the plantation license is approved, we have plans to extend the Cannabis growing to outdoor areas too, which is likely to be suitable for the local strains that are found in many parts of the country," said director of the University's Natural Farming Research and Development Center, Arnat Tencho.

"We will also continue our research and development to find the perfect strains for particular medical treatments," added Tencho.

As I wrote a week or two ago and the Cannabis tourism story, Thailand has a rich history of cannabis use both medical and otherwise prior to the 1930s. It is amazing to see their current leaders realizing that they were right back then, and working hard to undo and counteract the roadblocks and bullshit propaganda around this wonderful plant.

Shoutouts to the scientists at Maejo University as well as Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health for helping to speed-up the paradigm shift around cannabis as well as the growth of the MMJ situation in their beautiful country.

And for now, that's what's up in Thailand!


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Think those researchers have heard of cross-pollination or just want to have less hassle growing high quality indoors stuff?

Or maybe they want to grow outdoors with an eye on future lobbying pro-legal weed? :D


I definitely think there are eyeing legal recreational weed sooner than later cuz they have making hella moves to turn their weed situation around in the last 18 or so months since they legalized medical


Tbh... it’s everywhere in Thailand. Despite harsh penalties, everyone smokes pretty much anywhere and it’s easier to get than it was pre-Duterte in Philippines.

I think more toke in Thailand than did pre-Duterte in PH since the culture here is very Americanized (old colony).


That's crazy, when I went there some 17 years ago it was not like that

Impressive news from Thailand, hoping to see them legalize weed for recreational purposes in less than no time.


Hell ya! I feel like they're going to try for that shit in the next year or two for sure, and seriously, if Thailand suddenly had recreational Cannabis that tourists could enjoy, it would blow the lid off of prohibition in Southeast Asia. Thailand would make so much money before any of their neighbors caught up, and before you know it everybody around them would be trying to do the same shit