Today's Weed News For October 3rd 2019 #DEMENTIA

5 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great nation of Australia.

It is estimated that around the globe, around 50 million individuals suffer from Alzheimer's and alzheimer's-related dementia. And although there has really only been anecdotal evidence to support the notion that cannabis can help with some of the symptoms of this disease, 13 out of the 30+ states that have medical cannabis laws in the US, list Alzheimer's and related dementia as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis.

But now, researchers at the University of Notre Dame in Perth, Australia have decided to run a study focused on investigating the effects of cannabis-derived medicine on those suffering from the debilitating disease.

The University of Notre Dame's Institute for Health Research plans to follow a group of 50 patients over the age of 65 for a period of 14 months. The patients will all receive a cannabis-based treatment in the form of a mouth spray that is currently being grown in a cannabis production lab in Slovenia.

According to Dr. Amanda Tilmer, lead researcher of the study, the main goal of this whole project is to try to see if symptoms of dementia, including aggression and agitation, can be relieved using medical Weed.

"The benefits that we hope to see are around behavioral symptoms such as agitation and aggression. We also have some evidence that shows that it can help improve sleep cycles as well as potentially increase appetite," said Dr. Tilmer in an interview with the Australian Aging Agenda a few months back.

The researchers plan to start with one or two sprays of the cannabis-based medicine at first, and increase the doses until they reach what Dr. Tilmer calls "their most tolerable dose."

Once this study wraps up, it will literally be one of the first to provide scientific evidence for or against cannabis treatments for dementia and Alzheimer's.

If you ask me, I feel like this study should have happened years ago. But better late than never right? I really hope that these researchers are able to draw some clear conclusions from their study and that in the end, this ends up helping at least some of the 50 million people currently suffering from Alzheimer's and related dementia around the world.

But anyway, right now, that's what's up with Cannabis-related dementia research in Australia!


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