Today's Weed News For November 28th 2019 #NOWEEDTOURISM

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For today's weed news we go to the great nation of Holland.

When people think of Amsterdam, most of them probably think of Stoners. It is no secret that the city has been a Cannabis tourism Mecca for many decades thanks to its countless so-called "coffeeshops" where residents and tourists alike have long been able to buy and consume various Cannabis products legally.

But unfortunately, for many people, that's all that comes to mind when they think of Holland. Well, that and Amsterdam's Red-Light District. And as it turns out, not everybody in Holland thinks that that is a good look.

And now, according to the Moscow News Agency, one of Holland's political coalitions is proposing that tourists be banned from visiting the countries weed-selling establishments. It is part of a larger effort to re-brand the country as much more than just a crazy party spot. Holland has a very rich history going back many centuries and makes sense that they would like for the world to acknowledge that as well.

The Netherlands have long viewed the use of Cannabis as a health-related issue and not as something that should be criminalized, and until now the logic behind letting tourists shop at "coffeeshops" was to keep them from feeding illegal black market drug dealers.

Makes sense.

What makes the possibility of banning all tourists from coffee shops all too possible however, is that some places around the country have already tried this approach and according to the Moscow News Agency's report, "The practice has proven to be successful."

The Dutch government has signaled that they will make an ultimate decision on this matter before the end of 2019. If I hear anything about it I'll make sure to update you guys on what happened.

But as far as banning all tourists from all of Holland's coffeeshops goes, I feel like it's going to take a serious chunk out of their tourism income. I'm sure there will still be tens of thousands of people visiting the country each year for its windmills, cheese, rolling hills and historical sites, but Amsterdam and Holland as a whole have always been unique destinations in that they allowed people to, at least temporarily, enjoy a greater level of personal freedoms than most people's home countries do. And if you take that away, they'll become just like the hundreds of other countries that are pretty with a rich history.

Needless to say, I hope that they figure out something better than an all out ban on all tourists. I've been Amsterdam a few times and to Rotterdam and I can't imagine what my trips would have looked like if I wasn't able to get stoned there.

But anyway, we'll see what they decide in just a few weeks.

And for now, that's what's up with banning tourists from coffeeshops in Holland.


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This discussion has been going for so long. Never gonna happen. Same with Red Light District, they're part of the DNA of the city.

When I lived in Amsterdam end 90s the discussion was already going and the consideration was to sell only to NL passport holders. But that would only truly affect coffeeshops in 6 streets because most of the weed tourists visit only max. 6 streets during their limited stay.

Besides, never would solve the real problem of Amsterdam. A city which has historically struggled providing sufficient affordable housing to its citizens has been hit harder than most by AirBnb. But banning weedtourism won't lower the touristic historic attraction of Amsterdam much.

If you go south, to the Belgian border, the discussion is much more intense because there are coffeeshops with parking lots full of in Belgium registered cars. But then when they do the tax math... the councils hesitate.

I think Maastricht, near Belgian and German border, did for a while shut down coffeeshops. But they quickly reversed it as well. I think, would have to look deeper in history to see if it actually happened. If it didn't happen, merely means the council came to their senses even before implementing it.

PS: if Amsterdam prohibited, people would just hop on the tram to Haarlem (20 minutes) or train to Leiden or Utrecht (25 minutes each) and get their pot there. Utrecht for the tourist guide users, Leiden for those in the know of the music scene. Some may even rent a (electric) bike to make the trip. A local ban won't solve anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯