Today's Weed News For November 20th 2019 #FIRSTRECALL

8 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great state of Ohio.

Medical cannabis legislation passed in Ohio back in 2016, but the state did not start selling any medical Cannabis products until January of this year. And now, some 11 months later, a website called is reporting that the state has issued its first ever recall for a medical cannabis product.

That's right, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program officially issued the recall of Pineapple Express rosin produced by a company called One Orijin.

Apparently, the reason for the recall was that One Orijin "did not follow the proper procedure during production."

No one has actually reported any negative effects from using the product as of yet, but anyone who has purchased the Pineapple Express rosin is being told to return their unused portions to whichever dispensary they originally bought it from. Patients are also being reassured that their 90 day possession limit will not be impacted if they purchase this particular rosin and have to return it.

I'm not exactly sure what One Orijin did wrong, or what procedures they failed to adhere to, but when I think about it I feel kind of good about the fact that there is some oversight when it comes to production and processing of medical Cannabis out there in Ohio. I guess that's one of the benefits of having Weed come out of the shadows and into regulated retail spots like MMJ dispensaries.

I also feel like having one single product recalled after 11 months of multiple dispensaries operating in the state is actually a fantastic track record as far as production and processing of cannabis in Ohio is concerned. It really looks like all of the Cannabis companies are doing a hell of a job sticking to the rules.

My home state of Arizona recently updated their laws and will now require more extensive testing of products before they hit store shelves, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear about a recall here where I stay sooner or later cuz it's kind of been the wild west until now.

But anyway, if you live in Ohio and you got some Pineapple Express rosin, you should probably check if it's made by One Orijin, and if so, you should return that shit ASAP. And if you already smoked some and are feeling something weird happening, you can call 833-464-6627 to find out what to do next.

And for now, that's what's up with the first ever recall of a Cannabis product in the great state of Ohio.


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I can imagine this will happen a fair bit moving forward as changes to policies around production are passed, like you I see it as a good thing!

I guess this is yet another attempt at putting up more road blocks, assholes, thanks for the update bro.


i hear what you're saying bro, but unless I was running a dispensary or grow op, I really don't mind having my shit tested to make sure it's solvent-free, pesticide-free and all that. I actually kind of like it