Today's Weed News For November 17th 2019 #MOSTILLEGALPLANTS

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For today weed news we go to the great state of Kentucky.

At this point in time, there are still 17 states in America that do not have medical cannabis programs. It would be quite ignorant to assume that those states do not have any cannabis however. Let's not kid ourselves, even though 11 states have even legalized recreational weed, the black market is still alive and thriving in many parts of the nation.

As a matter of fact, the DEA still confiscates tens of millions of illicit cannabis plants from illegal grow ops all around the country each year.

And now, according to some recently released figures from American Addiction Centers, it turns out that the great state of Kentucky currently ranks number one for the most illegal cannabis plants per capita!

That's right, according to ADC, the Drug Enforcement Agency allegedly seizes 9,356 unauthorized weed plants for every 100,000 Kentucky residents. Last year, that added up to over 418,000 illegal pot plants destroyed by the DEA in Kentucky alone.

To put it in perspective, the great state of California, America's most populous state, where recreational cannabis has been legal for over 2 years, came in a distant second with less than half as many illicit flowers per capita, with exactly 4,572 illegal Cannabis plants per 100,000 California residents.

I feel like those numbers speak for themselves. And to me it seems like they're saying that legalizing cannabis can definitely help reduce the number of ellicit grow-ops and illegal plants in your neck of the woods.

Thankfully, there is a pretty good chance that Kentucky will get HB 136 passed next year which would finally establish a medical cannabis program in that state as well. Jason Nemes, primary co-sponsor of HB 136 is confident that he has all the votes needed for this bill to pass Kentucky's House of Representatives next year.

Let's hope that he is correct.

So the moral of this story is, people are going to smoke weed regardless. And that's how it's pretty much always been. We might as well just legalize it everywhere cuz it already is virtually everywhere.

And for now, that's what's up in the great state of Kentucky.


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