Today's Weed News For May 10th 2019 #SYNTHETICWEED

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For today's weed news we go to the great continent of Europe.

Scientists in Europe recently took some time to look intothe effects of natural cannabinoids versus the effects of so-called synthetic cannabinoids found in things like "spice" on mental health.

(In case you're not familiar, "spice" was a product sold in head shops and stores a few years back which was supposed to be potpourri but it was actually some dried "herbs" sprayed with a synthetic, THC like chemical. It has since been outlawed here in my state but I have seen similar things sold and various countries in Europe as well.)

The researchers conducted a survey of people who used natural cannabis as well as those who consumed manly synthetic cannabinoids. What they found is that those participants who used synthetics reported feeling symptoms of paranoia, anxiety, OCD, hostility, and even psychopathic symptoms much more often than those who only consumed real natural weed.

"Our study demonstrates that there are significant mental health problems in this population of synthetic cannabinoid users, which would be a cause for concern for treatment and prevention professionals. Use of synthetic cannabinoids is associated with a probability for mental health risks up to over five times greater than natural cannabis use, which is in line with previous results assembled in clinical and preclinical studies with synthetic cannabinoids which showed a much more potent mechanism of action than natural cannabis," wrote the authors of the study in their conclusion.

I feel like the results of this study are very important since there are a number of pharmaceutical companies currently producing synthetic-cannabinoid based medications because it may be cheaper or more efficient to do so. Ihave always believed that is better to use naturally grown cannabis for all medical purposes, and now it's beginning to look like there is scientific proof that I may be right.

I personally believe that as long as the option to use cannabinoids obtained from real cannabis plants exist, that should be the way to go as far as MMJ treatments go. If somebody is really sick the last thing they need is paranoia, psychosis and OCD add to the mix.

Hopefully we will see more studies into this subject as the popularity of cannabis-based medical treatments gains traction around the world.

And if you're considering talking to somebody about possible cannabis-based treatments, please remember these 3 words:

Rick Simpson Oil!

And that's what's up in Europe!


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You have a good point "It's better to use naturally grown cannabis for all medical purposes, and now it's beginning to look like there is scientific proof that I may be right."