Today's Weed News For March 21st 2019 #NEWMEXICO

3 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great state of New Mexico.

The medical cannabis situation in New Mexico just got a whole lot better. That is because, the state's lawmakers just approved not one but two bills that expand access to the herb and also help protect MMJ patients from discrimination.

The first bill that passed this week, SB 406, adds Crohn's disease, chronic pain, Lou Gehrig's Disease, neuropathy as well as sleep apnea to the list of qualifying conditions for which MMJ can be recommended in New Mexico. But that's not all, the bill also creates legal protections that prohibit Social Service workers, hospitals as well as employers from discriminating against MMJ patients who admit to using medical cannabis and/or those that come up dirty for cannabinoid metabolites on drug tests. Finally, SB 406 also includes a reciprocity clause, meaning that the state will now honor out-of-state visitors out-of-state MMJ cards and let them buy and consume MMJ while in New Mexico.

The second bill that passed, SB 204 deals with allowing MMJ patients who are students a way to store their meds as well as take them while on campus.

The only thing needed before the two Senate bills officially become law is a signature from Democratic governor Michelle Grisham. Her predecessor, Republican governor Susana Martinez had been opposed to updating the state MMJ program in previous years.

I feel like this is definitely great news for the state of New Mexico and to me it looks like a no-brainer as far as whether governor Gresham will sign the bills or not. If for no other reason, I feel like she'll sign them just out of spite to show the opposing party that she stands for the opposite of what they stand for.

I'm going to keep my eye on the situation and see if she actually does sign them or not in then coming weeks. But from the looks of it, New Mexico is definitely heading in the right direction and so that I applaud you guys.

And that's what's up in New Mexico!


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This are great news for people living in the state of New Mexico and i'm happy that good things are happening over there! 💚

That's a great development for the long suffering people of New Mexico. Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)