Today's Weed News For July 30th 2019 #CONTACTHIGH

11 months ago


For today's weed news we go to all the great places where people are hotboxing at.

If you are or have been a cannabis smoker for some time, I'm sure you've met your share of people who run the other way the minute they see any kind of cannabis smoke in the air thinking that they're going to catch a contact or second hand smoke high.

And although that might be true on a molecular level, in theory, in the real world, it's very difficult to get properly toasted off of other people's second hand smoke.

Scientists have actually put this phenomenon to the test, by measuring the amount of THC in people's system who did not themselves partake in using cannabis but we're just in what you would call "hotbox situations".

As it turns out, the minute you inhale you cannabis, your body absorbs the vast majority of tetrahydrocannabinol, so the smoke you exhale contains but a small percentage of the original THC content of the Cannabis being smoked.

So even if some secondhand smoke gets inhaled by the "non user" in the situation, it would for one be diluted by floating through the air in the room, and also would initially only contain very minor amount of THC having been already inhaled and exhaled by the original smoker.

All the above stuff being said, if you regularly spend time siting in spots where everybody else is smoking weed but you're not, you just might come up positive for a weed test at work, and not even catch a buzz so just use some common sense people.

But anyway, that's what's up with hotboxing around the world!


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