Today's Weed News For July 27th 2019 #CHRONICPAIN

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For today's weed news to go to the great nation of Australia.

Earlier this week, Australia held something called National Pain Week. During that time, some very interesting numbers from a survey conducted by Chronich Pain Australia were made public, and as it turnes out... lots of Australians want MMJ!

The survey included some 1300 participants who all currently suffer from chronic pain. Over one-third of the participants, 35.75% to be exact, answered that they had already tried talking to their general practitioner or other doctor about possibly trying out cannabis for their pain.

According to Chronic Pain Australia, "This year's results focus largely on what GP's, pharmacists and allied health clinicians can do to better help consumers, particularly in reducing stigma and believing and hearing consumers' lived experience... The survey also shows that people in pain want access to medical cannabis and [want] the barriers to the medication reduced including price," said Chronic Pain Australia in a statement.

One of the biggest issues facing the Cannabis situation in Australia is the lack of information.

Out of the 1300 people who answered the survey, only about 32% said that they had sufficien knowledge about mmj and did not need any more information pertaining to cannabis and treatments that it could provide.

About 44.9% of the respondents said that they could use a little bit more information, but that they did know a thing or two about weed and weed treatments. However, almost 23% of the respondents said that they had very little knowledge and needed much more information.

When we look at last year's Chronic Pain Australia survey of 1,200 people, 3/4 of them expressed interest in getting a MMJ prescription from their general practitioners to treat their pain.

"For those not at all familiar, Chronic Pain Australia is actually an organization that has dedicated its focus on helping break down the barriers and reduce the negative social stigma as well as change the paradigm around cannabis and cannabis treatment for medical purposes in particular. Chronic Pain Australia recognizes that access to effective pain management is a human right, and that barriers to access should be removed where it is practical and safe to do so. Access to medicinal Cannabis where it is a legal treatment option should be subject to the same regulatory and evidentiary standards as all other medications used in the treatment of pain," writes Chronic Pain Australia.

I absolutely agree. Personally, I have to admit that this is the first time I'm hearing of this organization, but I really like what they stand for and what they're doing. It's also becoming pretty obvious, that the people of Australia could and want to enjoy the pain relief that cannabis could bring, and the only thing holding them back is some outdated, archaic views about the world's most useful plant.

And although I've heard a lot of people mention that progress comes at a relatively slow pace as far as cannabis and Australian lawmakers are concerned, I am certain that within the next 3 to 5 years, the country will experience a drastic paradigm shift about Herb. Who knows it might even be sooner than that since it seems like everybody these days from New Zealand to Southeast Asia are even jumping on board the MMJ train. I doubt Australia is going to want to be left behind.

But anyway, for now, that's what's up in Australia!


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