Today's Weed News For July 26th 2019 #QUEBECEDIBLES

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For today's weed news to go to the great nation of Canada.

Since flower was legalized last year, Canadians have been waiting on the moment when they will finally be able to buy and consume edibles. And as October 17th, the day when Ottawa announced edibles will become legal approaches, not all provinces seem to be in agreement on the rules and regulations pertaining to the sale of edible cannabis products.

Lawmakers in one such province, Quebec for example, feel that the federal rules surrounding edibles are much too lax, and have decided to add a whole bunch of additional restrictions before any edibles can be sold and Quebec.

As a matter of fact, the province has decided to ban sweet cannabis-infused producets all together. That means no candies, chocolates, lolipopos, cakes, gummies or anything else that they feel would overly appeal to kids and youngsters under the legal age. That even means no weed brownies! WTF.

On top of that, for so-called "solid edible products containing cannabis" that are going be allowed, there will be a 5mg THC content limit per edible. Furthermore, no package of edibles can contain more than 10 mg total. So basically you only be able to buy either single 5mg edibles, or packs of 2 5mg edibles in Quebec.

As far as the rules for determining what counts as a product that appeals to children, the government has announced that companies will have to submit their products for assessment on a case-by-case basis. The color, flavor, smell, packaging and shape are all going to be factors that regulators will consider when determining if a product will or will not be able to reach store shelves in the province.

Lawmakers have also made it clear that the province will also be banning the addition of any kind of additional colorings, flavors and things that could make such edible product smell, taste, or look different than it originally would.

And if all of that was already enough restrictions, for the time being, topical cannabis treatments such as salves are also going to be prohibited from being sold in Quebec.

I personally think all of these rules are absolutely ridiculous. I've written previous stories talking about how I fully agree that children should not be tempted by cannabis products that are hard to tell apart from regular candies, brownies, gummies or what have you. But I feel the restrictions that Quebec is imposing are totally absurd. I feel like it won't be long before sales numbers prove Quebec to be the least successful province in Canada as far as the rollout of edibles goes.

Other places have proposed designated shapes of candies and such that would include a clear labels of this is a THC-containing product and would come in childproof packaging which would also be easily discernible from regular, unmedicated candies.

To put it simply, I feel like Quebec is creating a klusterfuk waiting to happen, but I guess only time will tell if I'm right or wrong. I'm sure a lot of other provinces well take the opposite approach and make their rules much more patient and commerce friendly once October 17th comes around.

But anyway, that's what's up and Quebec!


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Yep you can always count on governments to take something simple and make it super complicated beyond being functional. Fu#king self serving idiots, bong on bro.