Today's Weed News For January 1st 2019 #MARIHUANA

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For today's weed news to go to the great state of Michigan.

In the 1930s, the days of Harry Anslinger and his Marihuana Tax Act, the official word for cannabis was "marihuana" spelled with a H. that was the way it was spelled under federal law on all legal documents. Some 40 years later in the late 1970s when Michigan was drafting their updated Public Health Code, they chose to continue spelling it that way.

However, now that Michigan has legalized medical and recreational weed, most everybody has ditched the Reefer Madness spelling and replaced the H in the word "marihuana" with a J, the way we are used to seeing it spelled (marijuana). The state even renamed their Cannabis Control Board the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, spelled with a J.

But it seems that neither the Michigan Police or Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs agree with the update.

"We're still going to be using the correct-by-law spelling when referrencing official documents," said David Harns, a Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs spokesman.

The Michigan Police put out a similar statement reassuring everybody that because of the way that it's spelled in the legal docs that just legalized cannabis in the state, (with an H), the police is going to continue doing the exact same thing both in internal documents as well as in "public facing communications".

To me this seems like a pointless argument. If you really think about it, either way you spell the word marijuana, the word itself still is rather racist.

According to various sources that I've come across in my 25 years of smoking weed, back in the 1930s, when they were initially trying to make the herb illegal, William Randolph Hearst and others used the word "marihuana" spelled with an H to refer to a devil weed smoked by minorities and immigrants who get high and rape white women.

Hence the negative racial connotation.

If it was up to me, I would change the official term for this plant to what it is in the science community: "Cannabis".

But seriously, who really gives a shit? As long as the police stop arresting people for this plant I don't care how do you spell that shit.

Instead of arguing about this frivolous BS, the police and lawmakers could be working on bringing cannabis to the people in a smooth and quick way. Let's hope that some of them are.

And that's what's up in Michigan!


"Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston




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It does matter what the plant is called because marijuana is a some how a notorious name but not withstanding, todays news is a good one, hopefully we will see more of this...welcome back man


exactly man!

We made it to this new year.
The history of of marijuana is a matter of heart and we all are taking part of it in a good way.
So many countries are in support of legalization of weed.

Smoke to the moon!!!