Today's Weed News For January 17th 2019 #OHIOMMJ

7 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great state of Ohio.

After more than 2 years of waiting, Ohio's first medical marijuana dispensaries finally opened their doors for business on Wednesday!

As of this week, registered patients can shop at the CY+ dispensary in Wintersville, the Forest Sandusky dispensary, in Sandusky Ohio, the Ohio Valley Natural Relief dispensary in Wintersville as well as the Botanist dispensary in Canton.

Combined, the four dispensaries sold around $75,000 worth of cannabis flower on their first day of business. That breaks down to about 8.7 pounds of weed with a cost of about $538 per ounce of bud.

The state has announced that they plan to eventually allow nearly 60 MMJ dispensaries throughout the state in total, including up to 7 in the Cincinnati area.

As of right now, there are over 3,500 registered MMJ patients in Ohio, and according to experts, that number could one day reach as many as 200,000 patients.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that smoking cannabis is still prohibited in the state, even for medical patients? That's right, patients are only allowed to eat edibles, use salves and tinctures and vape flower. But they better not like that shit on fire they can go to jail!

And even though it's obvious that their medical marijuana laws might need a little adjusting, I still feel like it's awesome to see Ohio become part of the medical marijuana states "club" for real. (I don't feel like it counts until patients can actually buy weed in your state.)

But damn, let them smoke that shit already... That's what weed is for!

Anyway, that's what's up in Ohio.


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Do these politicians have to take lessons to be idiots or do they just fall into the job because they were born idiots. These laws are so ridiculous it's like a pathetic comedy that's not even funny. I guess it's a good start but they still have a bit of work to do pushing these morons out of the way. Thanks for the latest mate, bong on bro. :-)


legal bribery is a bitch


This is true mate, if you follow anything far enough it always come back to money. It's the way of the world, unfortunately, bong on bro. :-(


Do these politicians have to take lessons to be idiots or do they just fall into the job because they were born idiots.

haha so good...

Will reach 200,000 patients !!
so huge number.
Thanks for update mate, have a great weekend.

$75,000 is a fantastic deal for only one day!

Great news. Very profitable operations.

If a thing can be used to bring health back, then what is the point of banning it. I think there is a need for a common sense test for all the officials who oppose cannabis.

$75,000 in just one day for medical cannabis? That is really a lot, but politics on that state should really update the law, but better some positive development than no development at all :)

Well done, I love your blog. Thanks for keeping me posted on the news
resmoked for support