Today's Weed News For January 15th 2019 #61TONS

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For today's weed news we go to the great state of Arizona.

The Arizona State Department just released some numbers pertaining to medical marijuana consumption in the state for 2018. And as it turns out, medical patients in Arizona consumed a total of 61 tons of medical cannabis products last year! That's a lot of freaking weed man.

That number includes aroung 56 tons of flower, about 2.5 tons of edible cannabis products as well as about 2.5 tons of products labeled as "marijuana other". Those would include all the wax, shatter, concentrates, hash, tinctures, rubs, patches, etc...

One interesting fact is that 2.5 tons is exactly the amount of all cannabis products including flower, that the entire state of Arizona sold in 2012, the first year when MMJ became available for sale in the state.

Back then, Arizona had only around 40,000 MMJ patients and now that number has grown to over 186,000 MMJ card holders. That is a 22% increase from the same time last year.

On top of that, there are also over 850 caregivers and almost 5,500 other so-called "dispensary agents" registered in the state. That brings the total to around 192,303 individuals currently protected from Arizona's felony marijuana laws by their MMJ program.

The state allows patients to have up to 2.5 oz in their possession at any one time and purchase no more than 2.5 ounces every 14 days. Unfortunately, unless you live at least 25 miles away (as the crow flies), you are prohibited from growing your own flowers out here in the desert.

Since the first dispensaries opened about six years ago, the number of places where people can buy their medical cannabis has balooned to over 130 throughout Arizona.

Needless to say, Arizona MMJ program is growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

"The overall ability to support the market is strong... Private equity continues to flow into this market," said Keven Demenna, an Arizona Dispensaries Association lobbyist. "It's a very strong market with more potential," added Demenna.

As far as recreational weed goes, Demenna and other experts don't expect anything major to change until at least the 20/20 elections when some recreational legalization bills are expected to surface.

I personally enjoy the medical marijuana program out here in Arizona the way it is, and although I would like to see wee legal everywhere, I'm totally okay with it the way it is here for the time being. That being said, $300 a year for your weed card does seem kind of pricey. But hey, that's less than a fucking dollar a day to smoke legal weed. I can't complain about that shit!

And that's what's up at Arizona.


"Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston




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That's a great news to hear man it was such a huge improvement in the state of Arizona for a great number of cannabis usage last year of about 61 tonnes of mmj.
Its really a great influence to a great number of population .

smoke to the moon!!!!!

Well done, I love your blog. Thanks for keeping me posted on the news
resmoked for support

That's a shit load of ganja, this is a dramatic increase in users. Let's hope this momentum keeps up until the whole country is smoking, bong on bro. :-)

That's at least a good one for medical cannabis users...hopely bills supporting cannabis recreational use will be signed in due time

61 tons of medical cannabis products is really a lot of cannabis, but that just shows that there is a big market and we're only talking about medicinal market at the moment, imagine if it was recreational how many tons of cannabis products would be consummed in Arizona :)

That’s a lot of blunts, indeed.