Today's Weed News For January 14th 2019 #KANSAS

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For today's weed news we go to the great state of Kansas.

So you may have heard that Donald Trump recently legalized hemp when he signed the latest Farm Bill and to law. But even though hemp is now officially a federally legalized crop, the Department of Agriculture in Kansas is not really letting a lot of farmers grow it.

According to the Department, the only people who may be allowed to grow hemp in the state of Kansas are those selected by the state to participate in their so-called hemp research program.

That does not sit right with a lot of farmers. There is potential to make a lot of money off this newly legalized crop, and a lot of people want in.

Fortunately, in just a few days, on Wednesday the 16th of January, there's going to be a public hearing about Kansas' industrial hemp regulations. At the hearing, perspective growers and farmers will be able to speak with lawmakers directly and voice their concerns about the difficulties of getting approved to grow the newly legalized crop.

According to, a person in Kansas has to pay a fee of $1,000 for each acre that he wants to grow hemp on in order to receive the required license. But that's not all. Not only does the farmer need a license, but everybody else that's involved in distributing, processing or anything else involved in the production chain will also need to apply for a license.

Thankfully, both farmers as well as the majority of lawmakers do agree that the current laws are just a starting point and that both parties can look forward to adjustments and changes in the way that hemp licensing is handled in the state in the near future.

"The first two years as a pilot program, there's still a lot of unknown and we're expecting to learn a lot by doing it," said Rick Gash, a perspective hemp farmer from Kansas.

"The seed is not cheap. If you're growing for CBD, you could be paying $8,000 a pound, and it takes three pounds at minimum per acre, so $24,000 an acre," Mr. Gash continued

The expected return on the crop is about $40,000 per acre of hemp grown after harvest. So that doesn't really leave that much meat on the bone after all the fees are paid.

Fortunatley, licensing fees are one of the main topics planned for Wednesday's discussion.

Although I do agree that this is just a jumping off point and that the rules and regulations are sure to evolve as time goes on, I do believe that the fees are outrageous and that hemp should be treated more like spinach and less like marijuana. Hopefully it won't take Kansas lawmakers too long to come to that conclusion themselves.

Let's keep our eye on this one and see what materializes after this week's meeting.

And that's what's up in Kansas!


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I keep saying it that soon cannabis will be legalized in the whole world this just the beginning, smoke to the moon.

Hemp producers often grow the plant for the one or more parts — seeds, flowers and stalk. The plant is cultivated to grow taller, denser and with a single stalk.
And i think that when the new regulation is made the people using hemp will be encourage to expand its uses to other products

smoke to the moon!!!!!

As usual the government just gets in the way with stupid rules and wants to steal half the money for doing nothing.
"According to the Department, the only people who may be allowed to grow hemp in the state of Kansas" will be family and friends of the government. Thanks for the update mate, bong on bro. :-)


Certainly thats what they will always do to please some people

The licensing fees are way too much man, they need to come to a reasonable conclusion during this meeting...thanks for the update man, smoke on.


Yea if they can consider so many people because the law is not considering everybody

Yes Donald Trump legalized hemp, but hemp legalization law doesn't enact marijuana legalization.
Am I right!

wow Awesome weekly wrap up mate, there has been some great update on this week show.

It seems everyone loves Trump, what about you?


i dont get involved in politics man

Government will always want money, they are instantly business partners with you.