Today's Weed News For December 7th 2019 #SINGAPORE

8 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great nation of Singapore.

It's official... the first-ever citizen of Singapore just received their government's okay to legally start taking a cannabis-based medication!

That's right, a young girl suffering from epilepsy who had apparently tried all other available treatments with poor results, was, thanks to her doctor, somehow able to convince the super strict Singapore government to make this crazy exception in her case.

If you are unfamiliar, Singapore is the place where chewing gum and spitting it out on the sidewalk can get you time in jail and where the mere possession of Cannabis can get you 10 years, a giant monetary fine and a caning administered by government officials!

According to Mothership, the girl's doctor had to ask for, and get approval from, four different government agencies for her to be able to take a CBD-based medication that doesn't even contain anything psychoactive.

But as wild as that may sound, especially if you live somewhere where recreational Cannabis is already a thing, this is actually an absolute breakthrough moment for the country of Singapore because it is technically, in literally the smallest way possible, the first instance of anyone in Singapore being permitted to use Cannabis legally for any reason, even medical.

Naturally I think that everyone should be able to get CBD at the store like they buy coffee, (kind of the way it is out here in Arizona where they sell CBD in supermarkets and convenience stores) but I can absolutely see how this could potentially be a very humble beginning of what will one day be Singapore's medical Cannabis program.

I'm absolutely convinced that at this point there is enough talk and science related to Cannabis and its countless benefits that MMJ is here to stay. I also believe that the next 10-20 years are going to continue this Weed Renaissance we've been experiencing worldwide recently and the entire planet is going to realize that we shouldn't be afraid of this Herb. So the idea of this moment becoming something much bigger in a place as historically conservative as Singapore makes a lot of sense to me.

But more importantly I'm very happy that some poor child with epilepsy was able to get access to a medicine that exists for her condition. It really pisses me off that, because of a bunch of misinformed adults and their written-down rules, she was almost not allowed to use it.

But anyway, I'm really glad to hear that even people in Singapore are now starting a conversation about medical Cannabis with their lawmakers.

Big shoutouts to the girl's doctor for being persistent AF, and to the government officials involved, who all had enough guts good make something unprecedented happened in order to help a sick child. You guys are the shit!

And for now, that's what's up in the great nation of Singapore.


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