Today's Weed News For December 6th 2019 #MISSOURIMMJ

8 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great state of Missouri.

Enrollment to become an MMJ patient in the great state of Missouri started just 7 months ago in June 2019. And now it looks like way more people are interested in becoming MMJ patients in the state then previously predicted. That's right, in the last 7 months over 21,000 people have already gotten their Cannabis cards!

Furthermore, the number of patients is now growing at a rate of 1000 each week!

The MU Department of Economics originally estimated that the number of registered patients in Missouri would reach about 22,000 by the end of 2021, but from the looks of it, it's actually very possible that state will surpass that number before the the end of this year!

Because Missouri's regulations governing medical Cannabis allow "doctors the discretion to recommend cannabis for a wide variety of ailments and injuries," some industry experts say that the MU Department of Economics' predictions may have underestimated the amount of Missouri residents who might want to obtain MMJ patient cards.

Not only does Missouri have a list of qualifying conditions for which Cannabis can be prescribed, but the state also allows its doctors the leeway of prescribing medical Weed for reasons outside that list, if the doctor believes it could help a patient's condition or at least make it more bearable.

That's pretty damn cool if you ask me. While many new MMJ programs start off overly cautious and super restrictive, I feel like Missouri came in the game doing exactly the opposite, and thereby virtually set themselves up for a great chance of success.

And on top of all that, patients in the state also have grow rights which, according to NORML over 30% of Missouri's MMJ patients are already doing.

"It is very important that our laws permit patients to cultivate for themselves... Many patients have a very limited income. Health insurance does not yet cover medical marijuana. That option to cultivate by and for patients provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing cannabis through license retail dispensaries," says Dan Viets, coordinator of NORML in Missouri.

I couldn't agree more. By allowing patients to plant seeds and cultivate Meds at home, you are literally putting the healing power of Cannabis back in the hands of people who need it most. And that's whats up!

I got to hand it to you Missouri, you guys are really doing your thing with this Medical shit. Crazy to think that just a year ago, people suffering from epilepsy could get arrested for trying cannabis to help them avoid seizures out there, and now they have a MMJ program that is growing like wildfire.

So shoutouts to everybody that voted to make this shit possible in the first place, and anybody who ever took any kind of action to help the Movement out there in the Show-Me State. And that includes everyone at NORML.

I can't wait to see what things are going to look like over there next year around this time.

But for right now, that's what's up with MMJ in the great state of Missouri.


"Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston




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I think it's very cool that cannabis is being promulgated in official medicine, doctors begin to see it as a cure and not as a drug, I am from Argentina and the truth is that the issue of legalization here is very late I hope that With this change of government, begin to change the laws and we have the freedom to consume and cultivate, and let be treated as criminals for only using cannabis, I send you greetings and I congratulate you for your blog