Today's Weed News For December 28th 2018 #BRITISHCOLUMBIA

6 months ago


For today's weed news to go to the great province of British Columbia.

It's been 2 months since Canada legalized cannabis and B.C. is finally letting new brick-and-mortar dispensaries open up in the province. Until now they have only had one!

That's right, for the last eight weeks or so, the only legal place to buy cannabis in person in British Columbia was the one government-run weed store. But now, private companies are finally being allowed to enter the market.

Earlier this week, the provincial government of BC officially announced that a total of 4 private retail licenses have been awarded. Two of the new dispensaries will be in Kimberly, there will be one in the city of Pounce Coupe and an additional one will open up in Vancouver.

Although they will now be able to open, the road to getting a license to operate in B.C. was anything but easy for the private dispensaries.

"We went through all the stuff with the city for three years and now we spent the past four months going back and forth with the province and they were asking us every little detail about our lives... [But] We finally made it through," said Mike Babin's, the co-founder of the Evergreen Cannabis Society which will be the dispensary opening up in Vancouver.

But although going from just one, to now five weed stores in the province is a huge improvement, the province has a population of over 5 million people. I really don't think that that's going to be enough retail locations in long run.

Hopefully this will turn out to be just the beginning of the evolution of British Columbia's cannabis situation. I feel like as long as there is demand and money coming in, more and more stores will be allowed to open in time.

I guess all we can do is just waiting to see how this shit unfolds. But either way, at least there's some legal weed for y'all to smoke out there man.

And that's what's up and British Columbia.


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It's a great start bro, but you are correct it needs to be made a lot more accessible for the masses to be able to enjoy not just the consuming but the joy of shopping for cannabis as well. I don't know about you but I can't stand waiting in a long que to give someone my hard earned cash. Thanks for the update, it's great to hear what's happening on the ground. Bong on bro. :-)


waiting for weed is the worst no doubt!

I think that in the future more and more shops will be open in British Columbia. Happy New SMOKE!

This is great news for those in British Columbia, hopely more stores will be license for sales. One step a time
Thanks for sharing this...

This is another step in cannabis legalization in the world, licensed stores where cannabis sold is gonna increase in matter of time

British Columbia's cannabis will unfold the act of consumption in our contemporary world .
I wish the legalization of weed will put us through for our weed freedom.
Smoke to the moon!!!!!!

This brick-and-mortar dispensaries will be money machines specially this first ones that basically won't have much competition, since they will be only 5.
I think more and more stores will be allowed to open in time, this first ones just take more time...if i was there i would invest in one of this stores! Would be driving a Lambo at the end of the year, haha

what great news man is a long way to fight finally everything starts to flow congratulations to all the people of Columbia Británica