Today's Weed News For December 27th 2018 #WEEDRECALL

6 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great city of Sacramento.

Earlier this year, the state of California enacted new regulation that requires that all cannabis sold in California has to undergo mandatory quality testing.

Well, now, due to the negligence of one testing facility, millions of dollars worth of cannabis may have to be destroyed.

As it turns out, Sequoia Analytical Lab in Sacramento was caught falsifying test results and not even testing for required pesticides. This had apparently been going on for over four months now. Marc Foster, the director of Sequoia Analytical Lab has since been forced to give up his business license and close up shop.

According to the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, over 29 different cannabis distributors have been affected by Sequoia Analytical Lab's negligence. In total, we are talking about 800 different batches of cannabis, each of which can weigh up to 50 pounds.

Affected retailers have been contacted and asked to resubmit samples of their product for testing elsewhere. Although this is probably a big headache for a lot of ganjapreneurs, I feel like it's still better than having to throw all your product away.

"We work with a lot of vendors here, both big box and artisan type. And this has been pretty painful for some of our smaller vendors," said Tom Fortunato, CEO of BSeen Distribution, one of the distributors affected most by this weed recall.

Hopefully they'll get all this sorted out soon and get the weed in question back to dispensary shelves where it belongs. It would be so sad to watch so much weed go to waste. But then again, if it's got a bunch of pesticides and shit in it, I wouldn't want to smoke it.

It's crazy how much bullshit one person's negligence can cause. I guess the bright side is that they found out what was going on and put a stop to it quickly.

And that's what's up with Sacramento.


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Thanks for Sacramento news
It so bad to see so much weed go to waste !
Wish you a great weekend

This might seem bad news, but at least is good that California do quality control test on the cannabis that is sold to ensure that its a quality product and not full of pesticides and we can see they take this serious, so i support it.
I hope Marc Foster gets severe penalties to ensure other people don't have the same idea of him of falsifying test results!


His lab where he made such fake testing should be closed and i think he should be charged to court for fake results

Somewhere in other states may have this type of situations.
I think those who will be affected greatly are the consumers and the retailers.
If the testing is forced on the retailers they may have no other options than to take up the mantle as they see it.
Testing the cannabis yo specifications will also be very expensive.
Smoke to the moon!!!!!

That's a bit of a concern for the industry, I was just thinking, do they have the same concerns about pesticides on the fruit and vegetables we eat and do they have stringent testing. I doubt they test anything we eat from the supermarket!! I wonder why they are being so militant when it comes to cannabis??? Thanks for the update mate, bong on bro. :-)


thats a great point. Most of the food we eat is filled with shit we can't pronounce that is harmful and nobody cares. But when it comes to cannabis they go crazy about it right?


Strict laws are always placed on cannabis but they will never stop us from consuming our weed


Yeah but it sucks that you have to look over your shoulder all the time because of these idiots and their idiotic laws. Bong on bro. :-)

it's better those weeds are wasted than been consumed by persons, if there are poisonous pesticides in them...Nevertheless if they are OK, they will be ready for smoking


The testing is for benefit of the government and the consumers but the retailers are now running on a lost