Today's Weed News For December 20th 2018 #HEMP

2 years ago


For today's weed news we go to the White House.

It's official, Donald Trump just signed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018!

Why should we care, you ask?

Because as of this moment hemp is now officially legal!

That's right, for the first time in 40 years, it is okay for states to begin growing hemp and producing hemp-derived products. Of course, all of this will have to be done under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture.

In order to grow hemp, applicants will need to outline and submit plans of how they're going to track land use and how they're going to make sure that their plants are less than .3% THC.

In addition, this new bill as a lot of provisions for hemp research. That means that scientists will now have a much easier time running studies involving the hemp plant and all the compounds that it contains.

Thanks to the Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD will no longer be subject to the Controlled Substances Act, as long as it's in a state with an approved hemp program. That being said, regular CBD remains a schedule 1 prohibited substance that apparently is very dangerous, addictive and still has no medical value.

California attorney Johanna Hossack from the Clark Neubert LLP Law Firm in Los Angeles commented on the new bill saying "It's a monumental piece of legislation that will open the doors to a huge amount of research into the plant's uses and will really catapult the US as a world leader in hemp production... It's also important in reducing stigma around the plant generally. Obviously hemp legalization doesn't lift the major barriers facing the Cannabis market, so our work definitely isn't done. But today is an important day."

I fully agree with Joanna. Our mission is far from over, but this is definitely a huge step in the right direction!

The executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association Aaron Smith called the passing of this bill a "concrete sign that 'Reefer Madness', which first led to [hemp's] criminalization is finally coming to an end."

Let's hope that this ends up becoming the beginning of the end of cannabis prohibition all together. But either way, we are one step closer to that #spinachstatus.

And that's what's up!


“Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston




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That's outstanding, that's a major victory. I just finished reading this on and then I found your post. This should give a big boost to the economy in the future, thanks mate. Bong on bro. :o)


Extra mind to read those news.
For me a great revolution is going yo occur in our world very soon

Congratulations to everyone! This is surely among the best news of 2018 and a step on the right way and i'm sure with more research into the plant's uses we will discover a lot more benefits and ways to use it!
This news made my day 💚💚💚

again nice content really smart..resmoked

The plan to make us great by Donald Trump is a great effort.
Us citizens who are farmers can now have a full control of their hemp and farm land.
The use of some controls major to track the way hemp is cultivated will boost the consumption greatly.
By few years to come most part of the world will learn to contribute to this effort to take up hemp to the limit
Weed to the moon

Thank you so much for keeping up.

Thanks for daily update and podcast

wow good work Keep up with the good work, a lot of people out there gets motivated by your daily pod cast.

This is good, but i hope they keep the fields away from my sinsimiella, lol

Well done, I love your blog. Thanks for keeping me posted on the news
resmoked for support

Never thought I would say this. But President Trump finally did "something good" to the hemp society! lol.

This is a great news, a stepping stone to greater achievement

another very good posting with great news @kiefpreston

your content always fantastic please keeping up resmoked always..

wow Awesome weekly wrap up mate, there has been some great update on this week show.

nice content today you share..keep up sir

always your blog fantastic
I like so much nice and smart.

good news for weed

Thanks for the news update...this is a good step

Thanks for hard work and let us informed about go to the White up your work
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wow nice work Keep up with the amazing work,

Some good news before Christmas 😊 Glad to hear!

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i always enjoy your content.amazing bolg resmoked