Today's Weed News for December 14th 2018 #NEWJERSEY

2 years ago


For today's weed news we go to the great Garden State.

Although New Jersey governor Phil Murphy really wanted to get recreational weed legalized in his state by the end of the year, it looks like he is going to have to wait until 2019 after all.

After meeting with New Jersey Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin as well as State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, Gov. Murphy was unable to come up with a compromise that satisfied all three parties.

According to, the main issue holding back progress is how much to tax recreational weed once it goes on sale.

According to reports, the governor has been pushing for a tax of around 25%, which in my opinion seems kind of high. But others have proposed a weed tax as low as 10%, which would actually equal Nevada's tax on recreational weed, and they officially have the lowest tax rate of all recreational states.

But regardless of what tax rate they agree on, it seems that most parties involved already agree that recreational Cannabis should be allowed in New Jersey. And that is good news if I ever heard some.

Hopefully they pick a number closer to 10 then to 25. But more importantly, I really really hope that they allow people to grow at least a few of their own plants at home. After all, it is called the fuckin Garden State =')

And that's what's up!


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99% of the work is done and i think with more or less discussion they will settle on a tax value, offcourse the lower the better, since that way the prices of cannabis related products will be cheaper and it will give acess to more people.
Would love to see a post from you with a sum up of 2018 in respect of legalization both medicinal and recreational along all US states and where we stand. :)


Tax instalment is one of the major reasons why they are unable to to settle down with new invasion of cannabis in our world.
Weed to the moon


Tax installement can be also good for legalization because the governments see they can make money out of weed, the question is just to find the right balance between a fair amount of taxe value.
On another note, you should choose an avatar for your profile ;)

Thieving politicians arguing over how much they are going to steal!! Why am I not surprised, they would probably prefer 90% if they could get away with it. Thanks for the update mate, bong on bro. :-)


I know the reasons why they are unable to agree to a specific heads.
Its because they are looking for means to get more money for the government from cannabis.
Gdp will increase when legalized


The Government will do the only thing they can do correctly, steal the money. Bong on bro. :-)


and that is the sad truth


I'm sure of that, but they have to get to a compromise and set a fair value to that tax and would be important to know what they are planning to do with that money. I think at least part of it should go onto programs related to cannabis, like for example grants for medical investigation.

Man this one is ringing in my head.
New jersey state government are really doing to my expectations but the government really need to add more effort on the issue of tax on recreational cannabis from 25% as proposed to at least 5% so that the people will have access to it in a good quality.
Smoke to the 🌙🌙moon


I agree with you, but i think 10-15% could be a fair amount as long as there is the possiblity to grow at least a few plants at home. 💚💚💚

Hmmm.. after legalized people with criminal record would be able to erase a larger number of crimes, including drug related one from their think


I don't think they will be erased because they didn't abide by the law back then and unless there is a law stating that all cannabis drug related crimes can be erase from the criminal records, it will all stay the same.
One thing is for sure, legalization on a whole is a lot better for the society because it free resources for the police to concentrate on real crime and it takes money out of criminal gangs.


Thats it man they all know that legalizing cannabis will reduce the risk of crime in the society.
Restrictions to some ages will be incuded i know.
So many times and space on the government officers

Well done, I love your blog. Thanks for keeping me posted on the news
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your content always fantastic please keeping up resmoked always..

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Thanks for daily update and podcast