Today's Weed News for December 12th 2018 #IRELAND

6 months ago


For today's week news we go to the great nation of Ireland.

With Great Britain starting the rollout of their medical marijuana program, neighboring Ireland is hoping to follow suit ASAP.

Ireland's Health Minister Simon Harris recently announced that legalizing MMJ is already on his 2019 to do list! On top of that, it is estimated that more than 3/4 of Ireland's eligible voters, actually closer to 80% of them, support medical cannabis legalization.

And in addition, Leo Varadkar, Ireland's Head of State has also been talking about cannabis decriminalization and cannabis law reform in general.

Sounds like a lot of pieces are already in place for something monumental to take place in the near future.

"This is a major priority for me and I really want to see it happen," said Minister Harris in a recent interview.

The Minister was also quick to point out that he is not talking about recreational cannabis, only MMJ.

"This is about using in a controlled way, in a monitored way, with the support of your clinician for a product that could ease your pain and suffering after you've tried all the conventional treatments," Harris continued.

Although in my opinion dude sounds overly cautious and doesn't really seem to understand everything that this plant can do, it's still a very good start to get people accustomed to cannabis no longer being so taboo.

As far as details about any proposed plan go, they are still being worked out. But there are already plans to start by importing product from elsewhere before Ireland has time to set up their own grow operations and in turn create their own supply of meds.

"What we're likely to do in the first course of action is to try and secure a product... Then in the medium-term, talking about growing our own and securing our own supply in Ireland is the sensible thing to do," explained Harris.

The government wants to take some action at the beginning of next year and let the people of Ireland enjoy the soothing relief that cannabis can bring as soon as possible.

I really hope that they don't overdo it with the restrictions and hoops to jump through. I feel like they should model their MMJ program more after some medical marijuana states here in the US rather than what they're doing out there in England. But that's just my opinion.

And as with many of these stories, there's nothing else to do but just keep watching this shit unfold man... Unless you live in Ireland and in that case take action today to make sure that this shit happens for you guys man.

I'm pulling for you guys... let's go!

And that's what's up in Ireland!


“Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston




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Good morning man! I love that Irish dance ✌✌✌

Let's hope they will legalise it will help people dance better and faster for sure!




Hoping for the same :) and great picture @jwolf :)


Thankss guys!


Cool headed man i love your enthusiasm to encourage weed hope we will enjoy it together .
Smoke to the moon


Maybe next year there will be a SMOKEfest like they do, with STEEMfest and we can all smoke together. I vote for Amsterdam if it will be held in Europe :)

This is starting to spread like wild fire, we just need the Australian government to pull their fingers out of their arses and get some MMJ legislation going here. But I wont be holding my breath waiting for these idiots, Thanks for the update mate, bong on bro. :-)


This is the cannabis revolution and it will embrance also Australia. I wonder how much would be the percentage of population supporting the use of medical cannabis and the use of recreational cannabis.
Mate, please choose some avatar for your picture...accounts without avatar seem like people don't even put effort on their account, just a friendly advice ;)


We do have a few trials going on down here into MMJ but the law will still put you in a cage if they catch you a few time in possession of cannabis. I think Australia has one of the highest cannabis consumption in the world. It's not that I don't care, I haven't decided what to use and I don't know how to do it anyway, but I will take your advice and get right on to it. Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)


You just go to settings on your account, that should be this link:
and then you put the link to your profile picture in profile picture url.
You can choose one picture you like, then you upload for example to imgur: then you copy the link of the uploaded image and paste in your profile picture url and its done ;)


Done, what do you think of my choice? Thanks for your help, bong on bro. :-)


Great choice and glad you did it :)

That's like ‘good news from Ireland’!, many more to come though, hopefully Ireland will be the next name on our growing list


Sure man Ireland has taken the forefront to exhibit their passion for the legalization hope other nations will adopt this phenomenal change


Growing list 😂💚 Loved the expression! I would like Portugal and Spain next...its a hassle to go to Amsterdam, 2-3 times a year if you want a special crop instead of homemade or sometimes poor quality of your dealer.

Ireland's Health Minister Simon Harris knows that the people will fall in love with the idea of voting for those who are willing to make the country and the world at large a better place.
Ireland voters knows what their powers entails that's why they are bringing their effort to support he who will legalize weed.
Cannabis to the moon.
Thanks preston

Small steps i say, small steps, first medical cannabis legalization, after recreational cannabis legalization. Most politics don't understand much about it, but when they see other countries legalizing the use and that most people support, then they want the same for their country...some just to show they are modern people, but for me what matter is the end result: worlwide legalization of recreational use of cannabis. Hopefully on my life time...


You speak most of recreational cannabis but they are so many other uses of cannabis which you know are far more important to the population.
Great countries know what is always good for their citizens.

Thanks for hard work and let us informed about nation of Ireland news.keeping up your work
resmoked always

I think it could be an opportunity for Iris farmers, Humm Lets see what happen next.


Its not just the farmers but non farmers will enjoy that rule when enforced by 2019. It of good health we know


Didn't think about it, but if i lived there would only invest if recreational use of cannabis was legalized...bigger market ;) I don't know how big would be the medical one, altough if i had spare money and would like to bet in the future, it could provide to be a good opportunity :)

wow good work Keep up with the good work, a lot of people out there gets motivated by your daily pod cast.

Hopefully it will be legalized soon, this is good news for Ireland!

your content always fantastic please keeping up resmoked always..

wow amazing post really nice post

Thanks for Ireland news
I got tired but I will try to Stay UP!

Well done, I love your blog. Thanks for keeping me posted on the news
resmoked for support

i always enjoy your content.amazing bolg resmoked

nice update thanks for hard work

good news for weed

Thats a really good news. I don't know why they have waited for so long for it to happen. And i don't know why other countries are still not doing it.

Thanks for daily update and podcast..

again nice content really smart..resmoked

nice infoemarion thanks for share keep up resmoked

always your blog fantastic
I like so much nice and smart.

nice content today you share..keep up sir

amazing work
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