Today's Weed News for December 11th 2018 #RHODEISLAND

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For today's weed news we go to the great state of Rhode Island.

There is undoubtedly a wave of green hitting the east coast of the US. And it looks like Rhode Island could be positioned to join that wave in the very near future!

Although they've had medical since 2006, the state of Rhode Island has been unable to get any real traction to any of its proposed recreational bills since then. But that could all change now that its neighbors Vermont as well as Massachusetts have legalized recreational cannabis.

Basically, anybody in Rhode Island who really wants weed can just take a drive to the neighboring state and buy weed in the store.
And a year ago, that was absolutely not the case. Vermont legalized recreational just six months ago in July and the first recreational dispensaries just opened their doors in Massachusetts this month.

Rhode Island Democratic state representative Scott Slater spoke with the Providence Journal about taking a more proactive approach towards legalizing weed saying "Even if you're against recreational cannabis in you feel there are social costs to it, you're going to be dealing with those issues within your own borders, regardless, and without any of the revenue you could be raising... You might as well regulate it, tax it and put some of that money towards prevention."

And it seems that there are others in Rhode Island's government that feel the same way.

The state's House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, Governor Gina Raimondo as well as Rhode Island Senate President Dominic J. Ruggiero have all signaled that they are "open to legalization" as long as there is a framework of rules to keep kids away from it.

The Rhode Island General Assembly is going to be starting their next legislative session in January and many believe that the topic of recreational Cannabis legalization will be on their agenda.

Let's hope that they, like the state of New York can get their ducks in a row and bring their legalization plans to fruition in 2019.

Make sure you guys out there in Rhode Island support your legalization initiatives and remind your friends to take action as well. You're going to have a chance to make history next year!

And that's what's up!

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“Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston




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I don't understand the logic, if you legalize cannabis the kids will get access they say. When it's illegal the kids can get cannabis easier because a dealer will sell to anyone. If it's legal it is regulated like alcohol and cigarette which are harder to get because you don't have many dealers on the street selling it. It's typical stupid government logic arse backwards, thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)


Dude that's it the reasons behind the legalization is still not a dummy stuff because we all know that medical cannabis are essential for the old and for the youth.
Regulation will be done i know


Well, the logic, is that it makes politics save face towards conservative population i guess.
I understand what you mean with the alcohol and cigarette...i support legalization because it brings a lot of advantages, better quality of weed, more jobs, more taxes and less money spent on war against drugs that can go on better projects.

Those from Rhode island understand the importance of legalization and the impact on the citizens of the state that's why they are taking great part in the legalization.
A state like that will be a watch tower for other areas in the us.
Thank Preston.
Weed to the moon

Well done, I love your blog. Thanks for keeping me posted on the news
resmoked for support

Always nice, when a green wave like this appears:


This makes a lot of sense "open to legalization" as long as there is a framework of rules to keep kids away from it. and i think anyone with a brain would support it.

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