Today's Weed News For August 9th 2019 #ANCIENTSTONERS

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For today's weed news we go to all the great pre historic smoke spots around the world from back in the day.

News flash... People have been indulging in, and enjoying the benefits of the wonderful Herb that is Cannabis for tens of thousands of years! Literally.

Yeah I know vape pens and edibles, terp sauce, live resin, salves and all of that good stuff is all the rage these days, but the truth is that known use of cannabis and/or hemp has been scientifically proven to date back as far as 28000 years!
You heard me right 28000 years ago there was people that were already using hemp to create other products which would enrich their lives.

If we look at ancient history, there were some very advanced and historically significant countries/civilizations (or however you want to classify them), whose societies where quite familiar with and fond of the sacred Herb.

I'm not talking a couple hundred years ago either. I'm talking in thousands of years before we even started counting years the way we do today.

Listed in no particular order the great civilizations I speak of are:

The Babylonians - Historically remembered for allegedly being the first people to agree upon and create a set of laws which people should abide in order to make their society function. I believe those laws were called Hammurabi's Code. And all of that happened back in 1800 BC. The thing is, the Babylonians also loved their "Azullu", or Weed. As the story goes, it was introduced to them from lands which today are occupied by the nation of Afghanistan. Apparently Babylonians thought of cannabis as a very effective way to treat various ailments including depression. And wouldn't you know it, it only took almost 4000 years for us to get back to that same conclusion.

Next there are the ancient Egyptians. who, by the year 2350 BC already had their own hieroglyph for weed which they referred to as "shemshamet".

How could we talk about great cannabis-related civilizations without also mentioning India, who is actually responsible for the term "Ganja" that we still use today all around the globe. The people of ancient India treated conditions such as anxiety and pain with cannabis as early as 1600 BC. And it is no secret that hashish is part of " Bhang" which is a ritualistic Indian drink used during certain holidays and religious ceremonies even today.

Then there were also the ancient Greeks. who's some historians credit with inventing the idea of "hotboxing". Apparently, in ancient Greek steam rooms and baths, it was actually not just steam that filled the rooms, but actually cannabis smoke!

And since we just talked about Greece, how could we not mention ancient Rome? As a cannabis cookbook author myself, I found it very informative to learn that ancient Romans not only be used what they called "laughing weed" to help brighten people's moods, but also could be credited with inventing Edibles as artifacts have shown. Archaeologists have uncovered remains of dishes that's supposed to contain traces THC! And on top of that, there is evidence that ancient Roman doctors also used it to treat everything from tumors to inflammation.

And then of course there is China, whose history with cannabis has been documented as early as the year 2737 BC. That literally is over 4000 years ago!

But what surprised me the most, was to learn that the country where the oldest ever cannabis or hemp related artifact was ever uncovered is what today is called the Czech Republic! Yes you heard me right, Central Europe!

Just over 20 years ago, in 1997, archaeologists in the Czech Republic stumbled upon what ended up being a piece of hemp-made rope which when analyzed and concluded that it had been made around 26900 BC!

That is absolutely insane. We still use hemp rope today and with all the technology of today's world, it still remains one of the most durable, lightweight, eco-friendly materials to make rope (and hundreds of other things) out of!

So as you can see, the insanity of banning such an amazing plant which took over the world in the last century is just a stupid intentional act of greed designed to control the masses and help a few unscrupulous individuals elevate their financial and social status.

So to all the people who have ever took any part in helping spread lies and negative political propaganda about cannabis, or painted it in a negative light without knowing what they were talking about, I would like to extend a very warm FUCK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

There are literally tens of thousands of years of documented cannabis use throughout history on various continents and all of these civilizations mentioned above saw their lives improve because they were smart enough to incorporate the world's most useful plant into their societies.

Hopefully it won't take us another a thousand years to get back to the wisdom of people who lived without electricity and used animals for their transportation.

Oh yeah and shout out to the first person to ever use cannabis tens of thousand years ago. All of us modern cannabis consumers owe you a huge thank you homie. I'm going to make sure to take two bong hits for you on the podcast this week man.

And that's what's up with prehistoric stoners!


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They were ancient astronauts 🤪


As incredible as the cannabis plant is, and I'm not trying to sound like Joe Rogan here, that shit might as well have come from a higher civilization as a gift to us, like a test/puzzle to solve and figure out everything that it has to offer to help us get to the next whatever the fuck. I totally believe that that is in the realm of possibilities man. smoke on man


Hey dude I hear you I have gone on an investigation of origin trying to understand how we discovered cannabis use along with other psychedelics. My conclusions is it goes back as far as civilization with depictions and references in scripture as well as samples from our earliest known civilizations yet that leads me into the question about how old humanity is prior to known civilization and how back “drug” use goes...

Anyways I get it 😅


Hell yeah, who knows?


Everyday life is so absolutely bonkers and insane if you really think about it that hell yeah I think that's possible


Well depending on how you interpret scripture combined with the fact we find traces of cocaine, coffee & marijuana on older mummies says to me we at least had world trade centuries before our current accepted history records!