Today's Weed News For August 3rd 2019 #$4MILLION

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For today's weed newest we go to the great state of Arkansas

The legal sale of medical cannabis finally started in the great state of Arkansas about 83 days ago. And in just those 83 days, six dispensaries have already opened their doors and started dispensing meds to registered MMJ patients in the state.

According to some numbers released by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, the state has already sold over 4 million dollars worth of weed, equaling over 574 lb of cannabis, in just those 83 days!

Here is a breakdown of how much trees each of the six dispensaries sold...

The Green Springs Medical Dispensary, which officially opened their doors on May 12th in the city of Hot Springs, sold the most cannabis of all Arkansas dispensaries, coming in at over 305 lb of weed! That's over a hundred pounds a month! That's what's up!

They are followed by the Doctor's Order's Dispensary, also located in Hot Springs, which officially began cannabis sales on May 10th, and has so far sold over 104 lbs of meds.

The Native Green Wellness Dispensary in Hensley takes the number 3 spot with just over 64 pounds of herb sold since July 2nd when they first opened for business.

Then you have Arkansas's Natural Products Dispensary, located in Clinton, Arkansas where they already sold almost 49 lbs of trees since June 20th.

Next comes Fiddler's Green Dispensary of Mountain View, Arkansas which opened on July 11th selling a total of 26 and 1/2 pounds of cannabis in just the last three weeks.

And finally, Green Light dispensary in Helena West, Arkansas, sold 25 lbs since June 27th.

I feel like given the short amount of time that Arkansas's MMJ program has been up and running, these are some pretty impressive numbers. It shows me that it was not just the West Coast and East Coast that had a lot of people needlessly suffering who could benefit from access to medical cannabis.

I am glad to see that the South is jumping on board the cannabis train and I hope to see the trend spread to all of Arkansas's neighbors and beyond. Congratulations you guys for getting your MMJ program up and running.

Big shout-out to everybody participating in Arkansas' MMJ program.

And that's what's up!


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