Today's Weed News For August 11th 2019 #OSTEOARTHRITIS

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For today's weed news we go to the great nation of Australia.

While most weed-related research focuses on how medical cannabis could be used to treat human ailments, an Australian company called CannPal Animal Therapeutics Limited has just announced that they are planning a study to find out if cannabis can be used to help dogs, especially those suffering from osteoarthritis!

The company has actually already completed phase one of their study which included a sample of 59 dogs and examined the safety, dose amounts, as well as things such as gene expression and inflammatory markers.

And now they say they are getting ready for Phase 2! Their goal is basically to pinpoint the correct amount, if any, of a combination of CBD and THC that would target the inflammation which is the reason the pups feel pain in the first place. There are already 12 veterinary clinics across the country that have signed-on to lend a helping hand in this study. Altogether, it is estimated that around 60 dogs will get to participate during phase 2 of the trial.

Although a lot of this stuff is a little bit more scientific than my a limited knowledge of cannabis-based medicine allows me to understand, the study they are running is a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled type of study, which I remember from my days as a research assistant at a major university here in the States as being the state-of-the-art as far as studies go.

I know here in Arizona, they practically give away dog treats containing CBD as bonuses just for coming into a lot of the dispensaries which I frequent, and I've even seen pet food and treats that contain CBD in supermarkets recently.

I find the above-mentioned study to be particularly interesting because a lot of times, especially out here in the States, vets like to suggest just putting down pets that have serious pain and/health issues. I think that's kind of a heartless approach and personally, it makes me feel sad. Maybe instead of killing your pet you could just give us some cannabis and enjoy his/her companionship and love for additional years. But who knows, maybe the study will prove it cannabis doesn't help dogs at all. But I highly doubt that.

Anyway, shoutouts to Cannpel Animal Therapeutics Limited for thinking outside the box and trying to help animals that are needlessly suffering.

And that's what's up in Australia!


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