Today's Weed News For August 10th 2019 #FRENCHMMJ

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For today's weed news we go to the great nation of France.

The popularity of cannabis, especially for medical uses, has begun spreading throughout Europe in the recent years. Countries like Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Germany just to name a few have already made significant strides and easing up their cannabis laws by lowering criminal penalties, decriminalizing weed, and removing some of the barriers that prevented scientist from conducting research on this amazing plant that is weed. (There are also a handful of European countries that, on paper legalized MMJ and things of the sort, but in real life nothing really changed about the way that cannabis and cannabis users are treated ...POLAND... , but we won't talk about those countries in this particular article.

But for some reason it has taken the country of France a little bit longer to get on board the Cannabis bandwagon. They actually have some of the toughest anti-weed regulations and Western Europe. But luckily, there are signs on the horizon that things in France are beginning to change.

Back in December 2018, the French Agency for Drug Safety actually created a 13-member committee to spearhead a 24-month long experiment that is supposed to investigate the pros, the cons and overall effects of allowing a select group of participants the right to consume cannabis in the controlled environment.

And now they have announced that they are officially looking for participants for this study!

The committee in charge of finding participants for the French medical cannabis test run said that they are mainly looking for people in pain that is currently not being adequately treated with other medications, they are also looking for people who suffer from things like epilepsy, the side effects of chemo, muscle spasms as well as multiple sclerosis.

But it has already been announced that nobody participating in the study is going to be smoking any weed. Instead they will be given cannabis capsules, tinctures as well as cannabis oils at so-called "participating pain centers" as well as a few other pre-select medical facilities across the country.

And although this is a far cry away from even talking of any recreational cannabis legalization, decreminalization or law reform, it is definitely a sign that cannabis has finally appeared on France's radar and that a conversation about the way that this plant is treated in the country is finally gotten started.

And although this is definitely good news, the above-mentioned experimental MMJ trial is not set to start until next year and therefore will not finish until the year 2022. Thus, any results and conclusions drawn from it, won't likely reach lawmakers until at least 2023. So as far as any real policy or law changes go, it's still going to be quite some time before the French can even hope to see some forward progress in terms of law reform.

But if you consider the fact that France is actually the world's sixth-largest economy and as far as Europe goes, the third largest, and the fact that some experts estimate the country to already have over 1.4 million citizens who use cannabis on a regular basis, it would only make sense that they speed up all this research so that, if nothing else, the government can start raking in some tax dollars from all of these weed smokers that are already smoking weed in the country.

But anyway, I hope that they conduct their research in the most professional and meticulous manner, because I know the truth about cannabis, and it is good. And we need scientist from every country to do their goddamn homework and present us with their conclusions so that we, as a planet, can, once and for all, unanimously agree that this plant is good.

Come on France, you guys make the most amazing wine and aromatic cheeses, I feel like you have the potential to create some otherworldly cannabis strains if you just loosen up your laws and let people fuck with the herb already man.

But anyway, for now that's what's up in France people!


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